Use the Preview monitor options to view your sequence and evaluate what you are creating.

What you learned: View your sequence full screen and navigate through your sequence using player controls and keyboard shortcuts

Player controls

  • Start and stop playback using the Play/Pause button in the player controls, or press the Spacebar on your keyboard.
  • Use the player controls to move the playhead a single frame forward or backward in the sequence, or press the left and right arrows on your keyboard.
  • Move the playhead to Next and Previous edit points in your sequence by using the player controls or by pressing the up and down arrows on your keyboard.
  • Press the Home key on your keyboard to return the playhead to the beginning of your sequence.

Sequence duration and playhead position

The position of your playhead and the total sequence duration are noted at the bottom left of the Preview monitor.

Adjust Preview monitor size

  • Use the Adjust Monitor Size button, located at the far right between the Preview monitor and timeline, to adjust the size of the preview and the timeline.
  • Use the View/Exit Full Screen button to toggle full screen preview.

Loop playback

Click the Loop Playback button to toggle looping playback on or off. With looped playback on, when the playhead reaches the end of the sequence, playback automatically begins again from the start.

More Playback And Sequence Options

  • Set the frame orientation for your sequence from the More Playback And Sequence Options menu (the three dots at the lower right of the Preview monitor). You can choose Landscape, Portrait, or Square from the Orientation submenu.
  • Use the Preview Quality submenu in the More Playback And Sequence Options menu to select your Preview Monitor Playback resolution.

Tip: The Preview Quality setting can improve or reduce performance on your device. Higher playback quality requires a more powerful computer, so play around with this setting to discover what works best for you.

Adobe Stock contributors: helivideohomydesignnickich91

Presenter: Christine Steele

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