Stock compatibility for Motion Graphics templates

Understand which versions of Motion Graphics templates are compatible with your Premiere Rush or Premiere Pro application.

Use this table to understand whether a motion graphic template on Stock will work with the version of the app (Premiere Pro or Premiere Rush) you have.

On the Stock Website, Adobe adds the compatibility version to the details view of an asset. If for example, a Motion Graphics template has the compatibility version 1.4, then it will work with Premiere Pro 13.0 and Premiere Rush 1.0.

Product app version

Compatibility version

Premiere Pro 12.0.x


Premiere Pro 12.1.x


  • Premiere 13.0.x
  • Premiere Rush 1.0.x


  • Premiere 13.1.x
  • Premiere Rush 1.1.x


  • Premiere Rush 1.2.x
  • Premiere Pro 14.x


  • Premiere Pro 15.x
  • Premiere Rush 2.x


  • Premiere Pro 22.x



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