Adobe Acrobat Sign Release Notes


This document highlights the new features,  experience changes, and resolved issues in the customer-facing application for the most recent release.

Developer-centric updates to the API and Webhooks are documented in the Acrobat Sign developer guide.

Not all features/changes are guaranteed to be enabled on the date of the release.

Production deployment: April 09, 2024

GovCloud deployment: April 11, 2024

Improved Functionality

  • Phone authentication support for web form signers - Enterprise customers who use web forms can now configure phone authentication for the first signer of the web form. The phone number is requested and verified immediately after accessing the web form (before the signer can interact with any fields).
    Available environments: Sandbox, Commercial | Available tiers of service: Enterprise | Configuration scope: Enabled by default
  • Improved signer experience when saving a web form - The process for a signer to save a web form has been streamlined into a more intuitive flow.
    Available environments: Sandbox, Commercial | Available tiers of service: Team, Enterprise | Configuration scope: Enabled by default
  • Enable the cookieless "Request Signature" experience for customer integrations - Customers who have created their own applications that invoke the Request Signature experience can enable the cookieless environment, providing a more seamless experience for their users.
    Available environments: Sandbox, Commercial | Available tiers of service: Enterprise | Configuration scope: The UI for the option is exposed by default. Enabling is manual by Application.

Experience Changes

  • Removal of the mobile app banner - The banner advertisement for the Adobe Acrobat Sign mobile application has been removed from the Home page.
The Home page highlighting the mobile app banner

  • VIP customers have access to a new Chatbot experience when using the in-application guidance - The new Chatbot has been developed to improve the response to customer questions by providing a better, interactive interface that delivers suggestions for top queries in the welcome message, recommendations based on previous selections from the user, direct query support, and complex query resolution. Users are asked to provide feedback on the returned information to help learn how to reply better in future instances, and an option to connect to a support agent via chat is presented if the information requested isn't found.

The chatbot service will be enabled on April 9, 2024.

The chatbot opened on the Home screen

REST API/Webhook Updates

API and webhook updates for this release can be found in the Acrobat Sign API documentation.

Resolved Issues

Issue Description
4466859 Summary: Date formatting in US English does not properly translate on the e-sign page.
Fix: Code update to ensure the e-sign date matches the PDF date formatter.
4467995 Summary: Limited Document Visibility can break a web form when multiple files are used and then edited/removed.
Fix: Code has been improved to ensure the hidden files of an agreement are correctly preserved when updating a web form with LDV enabled.
Summary: When selecting the signing URL, some browsers do not open the iFrame citing an error that cookies are disabled. This is due to changes in browser requirements.
Fix: The parameters for the cookie have been updated to comply with the requirements of the change.
4469178 Summary: The download URL can be misaligned with the agreement resources based on the esigning environment
Fix: The claim to the resources has been updated to align with the correct experiences used.
4469538 Summary: Email notifications are being sent when the "emailOption" and "redirectOptions" options in v6 API are set to "none"
Fix: The code to execute email notifications has been updated and reordered to ensure the correct settings for the agreement are applied.
Summary: The View and Delegate URLs generated by the API fail with an unauthorized error when Content Protection is enabled due to missing logic to create a temporary user session.
Fix: The logic has been added to permit the creation of the user session that generates a viable URL.


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