Send an agreement only to yourself


New users and template designers may want to send an agreement only to themselves in order for them to have the full customer experience and vet the functionality of their forms/fields.

To configure an agreement with the sender as the only recipient, select the Add Me link on the agreement configuration page (or enter the sender's email, they are functionally the same).

Upload or attach the document/template, configure any other elements (reminders, different languages, authentication methods, etc.), author any field, and then send the agreement.

Add yourself to the document

Upon sending the agreement, the sender is prompted to sign the agreement within the application. This can be completed at this time, or you can wait until the email is delivered and use the Review and sign link just as other recipients would.

All emails are delivered just as they would be to a recipient that is not the sender, giving a fully replicated experience.

Once the signature is applied, the Signed and filed email is delivered, and the agreement is completed. The agreement can be found in the Completed section of the Manage page and retains its own audit report.


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