The SAP SuccessFactors environment is highly customizable, and internal processes will vary. The first half of this article follows one example of how onboarding a new employee could happen. Your steps may be different depending on how your environment is configured.

Onboarding a new employee is a straight forward, two-phase process:

  • Configure the employee in SAP SuccessFactors
  • Sign the employment documents

Your internal processes and custom configuration of SuccessFactors govern the first stage. This part of the document may differ in your actual internal process.

The signature portion of the process is governed by Adobe Sign, and is subject to less customization in the SuccessFactors environment.

1. Log into your SAP SuccessFactors instance



2. Navigate to: Home > Onboarding



3. On the Process tab, click the Start button



4. Input all of the employee details, and click Next when done



5. Review the input information for accuracy, and click Finish when done



The new hire is listed in the work queue:



6. Wait for the new hire to complete their personal details.

  • The new hire receives an email to complete filling in their information. Clicking Next opens the form for them to complete.


  • The new hire can fill in and edit fields to ensure the information is correct.


  • The new hire is given an opportunity to review the information:


7. When the new hire is done verifying their personal details, review the attached documents that were generated for the new hire



8. Download each document to your local system



9. Access the Onboarding tile from the Home Screen and log in to Adobe Sign


The Adobe Sign app opens:

10. Click the Send tab and select the new hire from the drop-down list of employees



The Send page opens with the new hire's email added as the first recipient:

11. Click the Add Files link and attach the PDFs that you downloaded in step 8



12. Configure any other parameters that your internal process demands (counter signers, reminders, etc.)

13. When complete, click Send

  • A confirmation page appears, indicating the agreement has been successfully created and sent


Click the Manage tab to review the documents sent, and the current status of the agreements.

The list can be filtered using the drop-down boxes at the bottom of the list.

Filtering can be done on Status, People, and Modified (date).



After sending the agreement, the new hire is sent an email with a link that opens the signable documents.



After applying their signature, the employee can access their signed documents at any time from their profile.