Create hand-drawn and illustrated inspired graphics for use on digital platforms to products and more.

Search for graphics

Search for “hand drawn graphics” on Adobe Stock to begin creating a collection of customizable artwork.

Adobe Stock website shown in browser with ’hand drawn graphics’ entered in the search field

Combine artwork to create unique arrangements

Place vector art across multiple artboards in Illustrator to create a variety of graphic arrangements for your company merch.

Multiple Illustrator artboards with a variety of vector hand-drawn graphics shown

Visualize projects with templates and 3D models

Search Adobe Stock for print templates and 3D models that will help you realize your creative vision.

Adobe Stock website shown in browser with 3D models selected and tote bag in the search field

Visualize your design in the real world

Use the Place Graphic on Model feature in the action panel of Dimension to apply the customized artwork to the tote bag 3D model.

The Place Graphic action panel of Dimension and application of the customized artwork to the tote bag 3D model

Apply your custom artwork to a business card

Scale and position the artwork within the InDesign layout, then customize the text to convey your campaign messaging.

InDesign layout of business card with positioned artwork and customized text for campaign message

The final result

Now you have a set of unique hand-drawn graphics that can be customized for a variety of swag.

Final project of tote bag swag and business card on tabletop with hand-drawn graphics applied

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.


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