Overlay motion elements onto mobile app content to optimize engagement with your audience by highlighting important elements of your tutorial videos.

Search on Adobe Stock

Search for Motion Graphics templates on Adobe Stock. 

On stock.adobe.com, use the top navigation to click Videos. On the video landing page, click on the Motion Graphics Templates collection to see all motion graphics. 

Next, on the Motion Graphics collection page, narrow your results with the search term “measurement”.

Make sure that “Premiere Pro” is selected in the filters on the left side of the screen.

License the selection, which will automatically download it to your computer.

Note: You can also search and license directly inside Adobe Premiere Pro within the Essential Graphics panel Browse tab.

In a screenshot of a Safari browser, the Adobe Stock website search page shows that a visitor selected the category ‘Templates’ and clicked the ‘Premiere Pro’ filter radio button in the sidebar to narrow the results

Import your template

In the menu bar, click Window > Workspaces > Graphics

  • Locate your Essential Graphics panel
  • Click the Browse tab
  • In the lower right corner of the panel, click the Plus button to import your downloaded Motion Graphics template.

Navigate to its location on your hard drive and select it. 

In a close up of an Adobe Premiere Pro desktop screenshot, the mouse is hovering over the plus button icon in the lower right corner of the Essential Graphics panel

Place the template on your sequence

In your Essential Graphics panel, click the Browse tab. Scroll to (or search for) your newly imported motion infographic template. 

Drag and drop the template onto your timeline.

In an Adobe Premiere Pro desktop screenshot, the editor is dragging and dropping a Motion Graphics template called ‘Measurement Callouts’ on the timeline in track V2 above video clips of a woman riding a stationary bike on track V1

Customize the templates

Use the Essential Graphics panel’s Edit tab to customize the look and feel of your new Motion Graphics template.

In our example, we’re highlighting the body mechanics of our bike rider to show optimal form in this tutorial.

We’ve made the following adjustments to show the 90 degree angle of the rider’s arms: 


Position: X 1060.0 Y 954

Rotation: -70.0

Text Size: 76

Text Position: X 151.0 Y -161.0

Angle: 90

Callout Color: White

Stroke Thickness: 4

Choose End Cap: 6

End Cap Size: X 77.0 Y 77.0

End Cap Stroke Width: 4

 In an Adobe Premiere Pro desktop screenshot the Program Monitor shows a video clip of a woman riding a stationary bike with an animated arrow depicting the the angle of her arms, and the Essential Graphics panel with complete controls for the Motion Graphics template

Duplicate the template

Now we’ll duplicate your template in the timeline to add a few more measurement call-outs.

Copy and paste your existing template on the timeline and use the Edit tab in the Essential Graphics panel to customize the look and feel of the template a second time.

In our example, we’ve chosen an alternate option of the five visually distinct elements in this template pack to highlight the importance of a straight back when riding:


Position: X 1562.0 Y 431

Scale: 72

Text: straight back

Text Size: 63

Text Color: We used our color picker to select a blue that matches the background

Text Y Position: 16

Box Color: White

Text Box Padding: 15 

Callout Color: White

Callout Width: 1193

Line Stroke Width: 6

Choose End Cap Style: 1

End Cap Stroke Width: 4

End Cap Size: X 63.0 Y 63.0

Number of Marks: 0

In an Adobe Premiere Pro desktop screenshot, the editor has control+clicked on the ‘Measurement Callouts’ Motion Graphics template in V2 of the timeline, revealing a pop-up dialogue box where the cursor is highlighting the word ‘Copy’ and an edit of a woman riding a stationary bike can be seen in the background

Motion track your template

Select the first frame of the Motion Graphics template in your timeline, and click on the Motion line in the Effects Controls tab.

Click the keyframe for the Motion icon to set the first keyframe. With the word “Motion” selected in the Effects Controls tab, use your mouse in the Program Tab to position the first frame of the template action over your desired spot on the video clip.

Next move to the last frame of the Motion Graphics template in your timeline. With the word “Motion” still selected in the Effects Controls tab, click and drag the template to the position you’d like to end on in the final frame of motion. 

You may need to add a few keyframes in between the first and last frame using the above technique to smooth out the motion.

In an Adobe Premiere Pro desktop screenshot, a fit woman rides a stationary bike in the Program Monitor, and in the Effects Controls panel, the Motion option is highlighted while the editor works on keyframes

Find the perfect music track

In Adobe Premiere Pro, select the Audio Workspace preset, or choose Workspace > Essential Sound to reveal the all new Essential Sound panel with Adobe Stock audio built right in. Make sure you click Browse at the top of the panel so you can explore the extensive library.

You’ll notice that the Browse tab in the  Essential Sound panel has a search bar, as well as three options to help limit your results: Mood, Genre, and Filters

Once you find a track that you want to cut into your timeline, simply drag and drop it from the Essential Sound panel, directly into your timeline.

In an Adobe Premiere Pro desktop screenshot focused on both the Program Monitor, which shows a woman riding a stationary bike, and in the Essential Sound panel, Happy is selected in filter by Moods

Play the video

Tap the spacebar to play your video through. Check for pacing and for any necessary edits to your Motion Graphics templates and keyframe tracking.

In an Adobe Premiere Pro desktop screenshot, an edit of a fit woman riding a stationary bike is in the Program Monitor and Timeline


Export your video with an Adobe Premiere Pro preset for social media or desktop presentations.

We’re using a 1080p HD Vimeo preset that outputs a video we can use anywhere on the web.

Choose the desired export preset option and then export the video.


You’ve overlaid motion elements onto a mobile app video to optimize your audience engagement!


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