Adobe XD is an all-in-one platform for user experience design, and it is an easy-to-learn tool, especially if you’re already familiar with Photoshop. XD tightly integrates with Photoshop, so you can quickly bring over your existing assets and save time on your next user experience project.

Making the most of XD in your UI/UX workflow

XD is a powerful tool for designing and prototyping user experiences. It is built with an intent to address challenges designers face in their current UI/UX workflow such as creating and updating repeated elements easily, resizing designs, and adding interactivity. Watch the video to learn more about these XD features.

What you learned:

  • Creating repeated elements quickly using Repeat Grid.
  • Changing screen sizes with minimal adjustments with responsive resize.
  • Managing and updating your colors and character styles across your document.
  • Swapping design elements throughout your entire document.
  • Bringing your designs to life with prototyping.
  • Sharing your prototypes for review and feedback.

How to use Photoshop content in Adobe XD

Get familiar with the XD interface and learn how easy it is to open and enhance your existing Photoshop projects in XD.

What you learned:

  • Opening Photoshop files directly in XD.
  • Identifying the similarities and differences between XD and Photoshop.
    • XD is vector and Photoshop is bitmap.
    • Artboards, layers, symbols, masking, and typography.
  • Copying bitmap or SVG layers from Photoshop and pasting them into XD.
  • Managing design elements across multiple screens using symbols.
  • Integrating assets from your Creative Cloud Libraries into your designs.

Presenter: Howard Pinsky

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