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I am already using AEM. Do I need a separate license for Forms?

AEM Quickstart includes some basic Forms functionalities. However, you require additional license for complete Forms functionalities and to use AEM Forms add-on package in a production environment.

What's new in AEM 6.2 Forms?

There are various new features and enhancement in AEM 6.2 Forms release. See New feature summary for details.

Are there any reference implementations available to explore AEM Forms?

AEM Forms provides a reference site package that you can quickly set up and configure. They help you explore and understand Forms features and functionalities through real-world use cases. 

For details, see Set up and configure AEM Forms reference sites.

I am looking for help to implement Forms in my organization. Where do I start?

We recommend that you follow the AEM Forms implementation guide. It is a step-by-step guide that helps you in every phase of implementing Forms in your organization.

Set up, install, and upgrade

Where do I find information about the system requirements for deploying Forms?

See the following documents for information about the platforms Adobe supports for AEM Forms:

Can I upgrade from Adobe LiveCycle to AEM 6.2 Forms?

Direct upgrade from LiveCycle to AEM 6.2 Forms JEE is not supported. However, you can perform a multi-hop upgrade from your LiveCycle version to AEM 6.2 Forms. For details, see Upgrade to AEM 6.2 Forms.

Where do I find Forms add-on packages and other installers?

See AEM Forms Releases for information about all AEM Forms releases. Here, you find links to download AEM Forms add-on packages.

How do I update to the latest Forms cumulative fix pack?

AEM Forms releases cumulative fix packs from time to time. They include enhancements and bug fixes. For latest cumulative fix pack, see Release Notes: AEM 6.2 Cumulative Fix Pack.


I am facing some issues with AEM Forms. How do I get around to resolve it?

AEM Forms releases hotfixes and cumulative fix packs from time to time. It is likely that the fix for your issue is available in one of the cumulative fix packs. We recommend you to review the cumulative fix packs release notes.

In addition, you can also reach out to AEM Forms community and post your questions out there. There are several experts looking to help.

If you still do not get to work around the issues, you can reach out to Adobe Support.

How do I migrate from PDF Forms to HTML5 Forms?

Adobe strongly recommends existing LiveCycle or AEM Forms customers rendering PDF forms in the browser begin to migrate their forms to HTML5. For more information, see PDF Forms to HTML5 Forms.

I don't seem to have access to AEM file system. How do I view the logs?

You can access AEM logs in AEM Web Console or the administrative tools section of AEM. For more information, see Getting AEM log files quickly for users who don't have access to the file system.

Browsers are discontinuing NPAPI browser plugins. What options do AEM Forms uses have?

Review Discontinuation of NPAPI browser plugins and its impact. It explains features, workflows, and Forms scenarios that are impacted due to this change. It also suggests alternative approaches and workflows to mitigate disruptions.

Workbench installation fails with "Could not create the virtual machine" error. How do I fix it?

There are a couple of ways to resolve this issue. See AEM Forms Workbench 6.1 fails to install for details.


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