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If you upgrade an existing Adobe LiveCycle instance, also upgrade the stand-alone CQ instance to the supported version, to keep your existing pages with Forms Portal component up and running.

Installing Forms Portal Upgrade Package

After you upgrade, perform the following steps to install the Forms Portal upgrade package.

  1. On the upgraded LiveCycle instance, navigate to the [install_dir]/deploy/crx folder and copy adobe-formsportal-upgrade-pkg.zip package.

  2. On the upgraded AEM instance, install the package copied from the LiveCycle instance.

  3. In the CRX Felix console, at /system/console/configMgr, edit Forms Portal 4.0.0 Upgrade Configuration (Deprecated).

  4. Change the LiveCycle Server URL to point to this upgraded instance.

Using the deprecated components of Forms Portal

The old components used in existing pages are marked as deprecated and only the new components are available in side kick with the same name. To use old components, follow these steps.

  1. Open your AEM website source in the Author mode.

  2. In the AEM Sidekick, click the Design tab to open the page in the Design mode.

  3. In the Design of par component, click Edit to open the Component dialog.

  4. From the list of Allowed Components, enable checkboxes for Document Services (Deprecated) and Document Services Predicates (Deprecated) components. Click OK.


    You can also enable specific components from these categories by selecting the components.

The Document Services (Deprecated) and Document Services Predicates (Deprecated) components' categories are now available in the list of available components in the AEM Sidekick. Deprecated components and the supported components do not work together on the same page.


To use Adaptive Forms, use the new Forms Portal components. The deprecated components do not support Adaptive Forms.