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The activities of a signed in community member, such as posting to a forum or blog, is collected into a stream which may be filtered and displayed in various ways through configuration of the activity streams component.

The ability to follow adds another set of activities when community members follow postings of interest or other community members.

All community sites include a user profile page for the signed in member that will display member activities in the same manner.


An activity stream is the list of recent activites performed by a member or a list of recent activities on a single thread of content, such as a forum topic or blog.

A member my follow an activity stream, by either following another individual or content.

A news feed is a merging of the activity streams being followed by a member into a single stream.

A social graph captures the following relationships of one member to another.

Essentials for Client-Side

 resourceType social/activitystreams/components/hbs/activitystreams
 includable No
 clientllibs cq.social.hbs.activitystreams
 templates  /libs/social/activitystreams/components/hbs/activitystreams/activitystreams.hbs
 css  /libs/social/activitystreams/components/hbs/activitystreams/clientlibs/activitystreams.css
 properties see Activity Streams Feature

Essentials for Server-Side

Activity Stream Function

A community site structure that includes the Activity Stream function, includes a configured activity streams component.

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