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The Project Checklists are intended as a set of best practices for project delivery. They guide you through all phases of the project life cycle and provide high level monitoring of your current status. 

There are checklists for each persona (role) involved in your project. These detail the deliverables, broken down by phase and milestone. They also show the documents required for generating the deliverables. By tracking the status and quality of your documents you can monitor the status of the project as a whole, providing transparency and accountability.




The spreadsheet provides you with the following worksheets:

Using the Checklists

To successfully deliver a high quality project, you need to complete all items in the checklists, preferably in order:

  1. The checklists are defined according to the Persona (role) involved. Each person should use the checklist appropriate to their role in the project. 

  2. The checklists cover the Required Documents and Deliverables for each milestone - the relevant persona must set the status and quality fields appropriate. 


    There is not a direct 1:1 relationship between the individual required documents and deliverables.

  3. Based on the statuses of the Required Documents and Deliverables, the worksheets Project Heartbeat and Status by Role are automatically updated to give you an up-to-date indication of the progress and health of your project.

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