Major Features

  • Stage3D integration, up-to-date with Flash Player 11.8 (Harrison)
  • Support for Rectangle TexturesFix for the bonjour crash on Windows
  • Fixed the peak memory computation
  • (incorrect values in the Summary panel when Peak Memory was selected, for the "other" subcategories, and if you select-all on an FLM session with more than 10,000 frames)
  • Closing multiple sessionsis much faster (e.g. close-allor close-others).
  • The target fps in the Summary panel now gets updated correctly when you change the selection.
  • Fixed a bug where if you right-click on a session, and a new session appears before you click on the context menu, you get "Oops something broke" when you click "Close" or "Save", etc.
  • Fixed a bug where if you scroll the mouse-wheel over the navigation scroll-bar in the Timeline panel, when there's no session open, you get "Oops something broke".
  • Fixed the parsing of the flash variables string (sometimes would skip over part of it)

Known Issues

  • Content running on windows inside VMWare with one core may result in invalid telemetry sessions. Enable multiple cores if possible.
  • Flash Player in Google Chrome (PPAPI) sometimes sends incorrect memory data. The message “We encountered an error while processing this session: Some of the data we present may not be correct." may sometimes appear in the Summary Panel. This message means that the "Used Memory" reported in the Memory section of the Summary panel is greater than the Average Total Memory, which should never happen. This inaccuracy will be fixed in a future version of the Flash plugin for Chrome. No other data for the session is affected by this.
  • In rare situations the Scout UI may appear without text in the labels. If this happens, ensure that thesystem language and locale are set to the same value and restart Scout.
  • Scout only allows ASCII characters in the advanced telemetry password. When using a password for telemetry, don’t set passwords with non ASCII characters via Flash Builder.
  • After uninstalling the Adobe Scout companion application on an iOS device, the last used settings may persist for a while. This means telemetry data may continue to be sent after the Adobe Scout app is uninstalled. On newer devices it will clear the data after a short while or a reboot. To ensure no data is sent after the app is uninstalled, slide the Enable switch in the companion app to OFF before uninstalling.
  • The Windows standalone player must be shut down between SWF sessions or it will not open new sessions in Scout
  • Scout will not work with Safari in Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" preview release. No telemetry data will be shown for sessions running in Safari.
  • The Scout companion application for iOS will not work in iOS 7 beta. A work around for the issue is including a telemetry.cfg file in theiOS application package
  • If you are using Scout 1.1.1 and IE 11, uncheck Enable Protected Mode under Internet Options > Security > Internet zone  to get Scout to work with the sample sites in the Getting Started document. There is no need to uncheck this box on Win 8.0/IE 10. The Getting Started doc for Adobe Scout is located here:
  • One of the samples sites in the Getting Started documnet does not work in IE 11. When you try to access the site, in IE 11, the following error is shown: "This application is not correctly embedded (wrong wmode value)". Use IE 10 or a different browser to access the site.

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