Learn about new features and enhancements in the May 2020 release of Character Animator (version 3.3)

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Markers via Dynamic Link

Markers in a Character Animator scene now appear in other applications (e.g. After Effects) using Dynamic Link. 


Timeline search filter

Filter the Timeline panel based on a search term.


Audio track volume control

Control each audio track’s volume level independently in a scene’s timeline.

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Your feedback is valuable to us. Use the Provide Feedback button in the header bar to:

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Provide feedback icon on the header bar
Provide feedback icon on the header bar

Markers via Dynamic Link

Markers in a Character Animator scene now appear in other applications using Dynamic Link. For example, drag a scene from Character Animator's Project panel into After Effects's Project panel and see your scene's markers in After Effects allowing you to seamelessy continue editing. For more information, see Markers.

Timeline search filter

Filter the Timeline panel based on a search term. The search filter matches against names in the header area (left side) of the Timeline panel — track names and behavior and behavior parameter names for takes and keyframes.

Tip: When the Timeline panel has focus, press Command+F (macOS) or Ctrl+F (Windows) or click in the search field to start typing.

Timeline search bar
Timeline search bar

Audio track volume control

Each audio track in a scene’s timeline now has its own Volume setting to control that track’s volume level independently. You can use the slider to adjust the values specified in decibels, dB.

For more information, see Audio track volume control.

Audio track volume controls
Audio track volume controls

Move selection to the playhead

New commands to shift the selected tracks, takes, trigger/viseme bars, or keyframes in time to align to the playhead:

  • Timeline > Move Selection In to Playhead ([) 
  • Timeline > Move Selection Out to Playhead (])

For more information, see Adjust time and reorder scene contents.

Tapered motion lines parameter

This new parameter in the Motion Lines behavior gradually reduces the thickness of motion lines for a more pleasing look in addition to fading them.

To learn more about this behavior, see Motion Lines: Draw lines behind a fast-moving object to accentuate its movement.

Check for artwork issues before exporting a puppet

Exporting a puppet when its artwork is not up-to-date or has missing files could cause the puppet to look different when imported. Now, a confirmation dialog box appears asking you to update the artwork.

For more information about export, see Export a scene or puppet.

Current value for slider and angle controls in the Controls panel

Behavior parameters represented as slider and angle controls in the Controls panel now show their current value in the upper-left corner of the control. You can change the property's value by typing or scrubbing.

Current value sliders and angle controls
Current value sliders and angle controls

Improved Contour mesh shape for disconnected regions of a layer

Rendering using Mesh Shape of Contour renders all regions instead of just the largest region in an independent group of nonoverlapping regions of a puppet.

For more information, see Puppet mesh.

Play audio when moving to adjacent frames

When you move to the previous/next frame (by pressing Command/Ctrl + Left/Right arrow or using the transport buttons within the Scene panel) in a scene with audio, you can now hear the audio at the frame you're moving to, helping you preview it.

Other updates and enhancements

Allow timeline items before the start of scene time

With this update of Character Animator, tracks, takes, keyframes, and markers can be shifted off the left edge of the timeline (before time 0).

Accurately sustain and blend-out replays

With this update, animation in recorded takes of a replay when set to Stop / Sustain, are properly blended out after being sustained.

Automatically update audio devices (macOS only)

Set Audio Hardware preferences to System Default to automatically switch to changes in the OS audio device settings, such as when connecting headphones or AirPods, or plugging in a USB microphone.  You can configure this separately for input and output device.

Reduce stuck-torso syndrome

When importing or updating artwork, set all top-level independent groups to Attach Style = Free (previously this happened only for solitary top-level groups) to prevent the puppet's body parts from getting attached to the background.

Security fix

For information about the security fix, click here.