List of roles

By default, Adobe Campaign offers a set of roles which allows you to define unitary authorizations assigned to users and user groups. Combined with organizational units, roles give users a filtered view of the interface and define their access to the different features. For more on this, refer to the Roles and permissions table.


Roles can be managed from the Administration > Users & Security > Roles menu.

Default rights are:

  • Administration : Generic administration right.

  • Datamodel : Right to run publications and create custom resources.

  • Export : Right to export data.

  • Generic import : Right to run a generic import on data. For this to work, you need to link the Generic import role to the Workflow role.

  • Prepare deliveries : Right to create, edit, start delivery preparation and send proofs.

  • Start deliveries : Right to validate previously prepared deliveries.

  • Workflow : Right to use workflows.


The DELIVERABILITY role is for Adobe administrators internal use only. It must not be granted to a user.

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