About push notifications

Adobe Campaign allows you to send personalized and segmented push notifications to iOS and Android mobile devices.

These messages are received on mobile applications that you set up in Adobe Campaign by leveraging the Experience Cloud Mobile SDK. See Configuring mobile app channel.

The user process in Adobe Campaign is as follows:

Two types of push notification are available in Adobe Campaign:

  • Alert/Message/Badge type notifications enable you to send standard text-based messages with additional content (sound, badge, deeplink, etc.) that you can define in the Advanced options section.

    This notification types allow you to add a title and a message in which you can use personalization fields. To be able to personalize your message, make sure you select the Send push on profiles template.

  • Silent push type notifications are used to download content from servers in the background. No message is actually sent to the application's users.

Some specific configurations can be set up to define notifications behavior. For more on this, refer to this section.

As an expert user, to define these specific configurations, refer to the mobile app technotes.


Laws concerning privacy differ by country. Some countries require that you inform users of the types of data collected by mobile applications. Please check the laws pertaining to mobile applications in your country. Make sure push notifications sent to mobile applications comply with the prerequisites and conditions specified by Apple (Apple Push Notification Service) and Google (Google Cloud Messaging).

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