Previewing messages

After adding test profiles in the Audience window, you can preview your message to check its personalization and how your recipients will see your delivery.

Preview is available in HTML and text format.

The preview screen comes with a device mode that allows you to simulate a wide range of devices. You can select the device that you want to emulate in the dropdown list. The button lets you control the orientation between portrait and landscape.

For emails, an automatic anti-spam checking is performed during each preview. Click the Show anti-spam analysis button to find out more about the warning.

  1. In the Content window, after personnalizing your message, use the Preview button located in the action bar.

  2. Select the Change profile button to choose the test profile you want to test the personalization elements on.

  3. To check your delivery layout on different devices, select a type of device in the top action bar.


Once the personalization is finished, your delivery is ready to be sent to your recipients.

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