Learn how to use Catalogs in Captivate Prime to view the eligible learning objects

Catalog consists of all the courses, learning programs, certifications and job aids that are available for a learner role in the company account.

Learners can view all the assigned and eligible learning objects (learning programs, courses and certifications) in the Default Catalog. These learning objects are unique to each learner based on his role, designation, user group, profile, and so on.

You can filter the list of learning objects by using skills and type of the learning objects (self-paced, blended, classroom, virtual classroom, activity) . You can also filter using the options in the left pane: by Learning Objects, by skills, and by completion status.

Use the search bar on top of the page to enter the names of your familiar learning objects.

Click Catalog from the left pane in Learner Home page
Click Catalog from the left pane on the Learner Home page

As a learner, you can  filter training based on the format of training, for example, Classroom, Self-paced, or Virtual Classroom. In addition, the learner can also filter the trainings based on Training Duration. Skill Levels filter which is already available, can now be enabled/disabled by Administrator. 

Filters for training format
Filters for training format

You can also filter according to the duration of a training. The duration filter does not include duration of pre-work and test-out.

Filters for training duration
Filters for training duration

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