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Variations allow you to take the Master content and vary it according to purpose (if required).

Creating a Variation

To create a new variation:

  1. Open your fragment and ensure that the side panel is visible.

  2. Select Variations from the icon bar in the side panel.

  3. Select Create Variation.

  4. A dialog will open, specify the Title and Description for the new variation.

  5. Select Add; the fragment Master will be copied to the new variation, which is now open for editing


    When creating a new variation it is always Master that is copied, not the variation that is currently open.

Editing a Variation

You can make (basic) changes to the variation content after either:



Once a variation is open, you can also switch back to Authoring mode for further editing options.

Renaming a Variation

To rename an existing variation:

  1. Open your fragment and select Variations from the side panel.
  2. Select the required variation.
  3. Select Rename from the Actions drop down.
  4. Enter the new Title and/or Description in the resulting dialog box.
  5. Confirm the Rename action.


This only affects the variation Title.

Deleting a Variation

To delete an existing variation:

  1. Open your fragment and select Variations from the side panel.
  2. Select the required variation.
  3. Select Delete from the Actions drop down.
  4. Confirm the Delete action in the dialog.


You cannot delete Master.

Synchronizing with Master

Master is an integral part of a content fragment and by definition it holds the master copy of the content, whereas the variations hold the individual updated and tailored versions of that content. When Master is updated it is possible that these changes are also relevent to the variations and, therefore, need to be propagated to them..

When editing a variation you have access to the Sync with Master action. This allows you to automatically copy changes made to Master to the required variation.


Synchronization is only available to copy changes from Master to the variation.

Transferring changes from a variation to Master is not available as an option.

  1. Open your content fragment in the fragment editor. Ensure that the Master has been edited.

  2. Select a specific variation, then Sync with master from the Actions drop down selector.

  3. Master and the variation will be shown side-by-side:

    • green indicates content added
    • red indicates content removed
  4. Select Synchronize, the variation will updated and shown. 


Summarizing Text

Summarizing text is designed to help users reduce the length of their text to a predefined number of words, while keeping the key points and overall meaning.


On a more technical level the system keeps the sentences which it rates as providing the best ratio of information density and uniqueness according to specific algorithms.


The content fragment must have a valid language folder as an ancestor; this is used to determine the language model to be used.

For example, en/ as in the following path:



English is available out-of-the-box.

Other languages are available as Language Model Packages from Package Share:

  1. Select Master or the required variation.

  2. Select Summarize text from the drop down selector.

  3. Specify the target number of words and select Start:

  4. The original text is displayed side-by-side with the proposed summarization:

    • Any sentences to be eliminated are highlighted in red, with strike-through.
    • Click on any highlighted sentence to keep it in the summarized content.
    • Click on any non-highlighted sentence to have it eliminated.
  5. Select Summarize to confirm the changes.