Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 Communities hotfixes


The hotfixes below should be installed on top of Service Pack 2 and the recommended hotfixes listed on

The hotfixes marked as bold are highly recommended.


AEM hotfixes do not benefit from the same level of quality assurance as service packs or product releases, therefore must be always validated first on a staging environment as part of your quality deployment processes.



AEM Communities 6.1 GA ships with Communities package version 1.7, and if not upgrading to version 1.8 feature pack, the most recent 1.7 fix pack should be installed.

It is recommended to upgrade to version 1.8, which includes improvements and early access to features for AEM 6.2 Communities.




November 30, 2016

This cumulative feature pack includes the latest fixes, new features, and improvements for the AEM 6.1 Communities and Livefyre releases. For details see

September 1, 2016

AEM 6.1 Communities FP5 delivers fixes, new features and improvements for both for the engagement and enablement use cases. See Communities release notes.

June 20, 2015

This fix pack contains the latest set of fixes for AEM Communities 6.1 features.



  • You can access the Package Share with a registered user as mentioned here
  • Request the non public hotfixes via an AEM Support ticket.
  • Most hotfixes are stand-alone unless specified and can be installed in any order. It can be self-verified by looking at "Details" tab Dependencies element in package share.  
  • At the moment, the release notes of the public hotfixes are only available per request via the AEM Support Portal.


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