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Learn about the new features and enhancements in Adobe Learning Manager

The December 2020 release of Adobe Learning Manager features an all-new Learner Homepage experience, that is driven by:

  • Immersive experience powered by responsive and personalized HTML widgets, which are managed by Administrator.
  • Customization of the homepage via two new types of Announcements.
  • Personalized training recommendations from an AI-driven algorithm that analyses third-party content for industry skills, incorporates peer activity, and learners’ areas of interest using explicit and implicit data.

What's new and changed


Personalized learner homepage

Transform every learner's experience with personalized dashboards and customizable drag-and-drop widgets. Provide them with an overview of completed, pending, and recommended courses, alongside their badges and other milestones. 

For more information, see:


Mobile web responsive layout

A completely responsive mobile web experience that ensures that learners use their devices to consume training even if they haven’t installed the mobile app.

For more information, see Mobile web responsive layout.

Custom domain

Custom Domain

Give a new brand to your learning academy. You can customize the domain name to be consistent with your organizational brand presence on the web.

For more information, see Support for custom domain.

AI recommendation

AI-based course recommendation

Stay ahead of your competition with a workforce that’s skilled and informed. The AI-powered recommendation engine promotes skill-based learning plans to employee cohorts. Also, encourage proactive reskilling initiatives with gamification points, certifications and badges. 

For more information, see AI-based recommendation.

Other new features

Weekly Digest Emails

Keep your learners continuously engaged with an out-of-the-box communication channel that sends weekly emails to learner groups with essential information such as upcoming trainings, consumption insights, course recommendations, and leaderboard status. Drive steady traffic back to your learning platform via these scheduled emails.

For more information, see:

Learning Checklist

Authors can now create a checklist course designed to evaluate the completion and success of mandatory steps in real-life work processes. Instructors can evaluate learners based on their demonstration and successful completion of each of the steps by providing a score or updating the pass/fail criteria. 

For more information, see:

Adobe Marketo Engage Connector

Use data from your learning platform to drive automated marketing campaigns targeted towards your customers and partners using the Adobe Marketo Engage integration with Learning Manager. Learning data such as user addition, course enrollments, course completions, and skill attainment can be exported from Learning Manager to create rich audience lists in Adobe Marketo Engage.

For more information, see Configure Marketo engage connector.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites Learning Component

Now integrate Learning Manager courses right within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites by taking advantage of the new learning component. Elements of the learner home page such as My Learning and course recommendations can automatically be synched to the AEM Sites front end using a nifty drag-and-drop workflow that avoids complex coding and expensive implementation costs.

For more information, see Integrate Learning Manager with AEM.

Enhanced features in this release

Import of quiz scores from Adobe Connect

Import Connect quiz data into Prime and integrate it with existing reporting workflows so that Prime users can get quiz data, user responses and scores from Adobe Connect sessions within report, like the way it is available for self-paced modules having quizzes.

For more information, see Import quiz scores from Adobe Connect.

Badge PDF Enhancements

  • A badge printed on a PDF can either be based on our default template or based on the custom template provided by users. Additional parameters supported for custom templates from this release are -
    • Skill name and credits
    • Learner email
    • Learner UUID
    • Training author's name
  • In this release of Learning Manager, for certificates with expiry, that is, recurring certificates, Prime will now mention the validity date for the certificate. The dates will appear in the UI and on the certificate PDF.

Scrollable My Catalog page

My learning and Catalog pages for Learner role always shows 6 trainings cards at a time. Learner needs to click “Show more results” to view more. This experience is now enhanced by providing an infinite scroll whenever learner is viewing a single catalog or catalog visibility is disabled by the Administrator. 

Show more results
Show more results

Enroll and start module

A learner now can click on an individual module to enroll and start.

Clicking on a module (before enrollment) launches a popup- “Clicking on a module will enroll you in the training and launch. This behavior will be remembered and can be modified from Profile Settings. Do you wish to continue?”

View individual LO data in Compliance Dashboard

For instance, the Administrator has identified three trainings to track compliance. Learning Manager provides the compliance snapshot for all three trainings at once.

Now an Admin can click on any training and quickly view the compliance for the selected training.

For more information, see Reports in Learning Manager.

Enrollment Status filter when exporting Learner Transcripts

When exporting Learner Transcripts, there is a new option, Enrollment Status. This drop-down contains the following options:

  • Select All
  • Completed
  • In Progress
  • Not Started
  • Unenrolled

For more information, see Download Learner Transcripts.

Deep link to catalog for learners

An Admin can generate a deep link for a catalog that can take the learners to the specific catalog page.

On the Catalogs page, mouse over on the catalog that you the deep link for and click the highlighted icon.

A new theme- Vivid

Learning Manager now offers new theme called Vivid, which provides a new set of bold and intense color cards. In addition, the font colors and default icon and background colors enable improved contrast ratio and hence an improved view for users with low vision.

Learner Transcripts Status Filter in Power BI

In the Unified Reports section of a Power BI connection, there is an option to export Learner Transcripts based on the following statuses of learners, who have completed a training:

  • Select All
  • Completed
  • In Progress
  • Not Started
  • Unenrolled

For more information, see Learner status.

GetAbstract upgrade to V2 APIs

The getAbstract APIs GA v1 APIs will be removed by December 2020. Learning Manager will start using the v2 APIs after that.

Support for enabling/disabling data compression

For FTP, Box, and Custom FTP connectors, while exporting Learner Transcript or xAPI, you can also export the data as a zip file.

For more information, see Learning Manager connectors.

Learner Transcripts




LinkedIn Learning Enhancements

In this release of Learning Manager, we’ve added filters to LinkedIn connectors to segregate content based on LinkedIn Learning Libraries. In addition, you can also filter content based on language and import only the courses in required languages. Once imported, content gets segregated to multiple catalogs based on the import configuration.

For more information, see Filter LinkedIn Learning content.

Limit duration of time filter in Power BI

Many Jobs API and other features, like Power BI connector include a time duration parameter for which the data is exported. In this release, the maximum duration for which the data gets exported is set to five years. This is implemented to prevent any erroneous attack to export a huge data which may affect the platform.

If you require to export the data for more than 5 years, the Job API / Power BI connector should be executed multiple times with the appropriate date ranges.

Enhancements to the learner role

  • Learners can now copy the training URL from the training page. Learning Manager now provides a Share icon on the training page. It contains options like Copy URL and Send via email, which opens the email client.
  • Learning Manager now also allows learners to quickly enroll to trainings while browsing through their training catalogs. Look for the Add to my list button on the training cards. Clicking on it, enrolls you to the respective training.
  • My learning and Catalog pages for Learner role always shows 6 trainings cards at a time. A learner needs to click Show more results to view more. This experience is now enhanced by providing an infinite scroll whenever learner is viewing a single catalog or catalog visibility is disabled by the Administrator. 
  • A learner now can click on an individual module to enroll and start.  Clicking on a module (before enrollment) launches a popup- “Clicking on a module will enroll you in the training and launch. This behavior will be remembered and can be modified from Profile Settings. Do you wish to continue?”

Changes to existing features

Changes to announcements

When you create an announcement, in the Type drop-down list, there are two new options-

  • As Masthead
  • As Recommendation

Depending on your choice, the announcement is in the form of a targeted masthead or a targeted training recommendation for the Learner experience homepage.


This feature is available only when the Immersive layout is selected. 

Learner home page settings

  • The Learner Home Page settings have now moved into the Branding section of the Admin app. In the previous versions of Learning Manager, the Learner Home Page was in Admin > Settings.
  • The option Enable learner to explore Areas of Interest has now moved in the Branding > General section of the Admin app. This option previously was in Admin > Settings.

Changes in Learning Transcripts

  • From the Excel/CSV reports, the score column in x/y format has been removed. The Score and Highest Score columns no longer exist. This change was already planned and communicated in the previous release. This feature is supported by four columns available since the last release, which provided the score and total score in separate columns.
  • In the Admin > Reports > Learner Transcript page, a column that has a filter on it is now modified to display Yes or None. Clicking on it opens a pop-up, which provides more details.
  • The Learner Transcript User Interface now contains additional filter based on Status. With this filter, Learner transcript report can be downloaded which contains only the learning records with the selected status. 

Release Notes

For information regarding current and previous releases of Learning Manager web app and device app, see the Release notes.

Bug fixes

To see the bugs that are fixed in this update, refer to the Bugs fixed list.

Known issues

To see the known issues in this update, refer to Known issues list.

System Requirements

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