New features summary

Expanded 4K format support

Bring 4K UHD content to the web with H.265 video at up to 60% smaller file sizes than comparable H.264 material. Open or render 4K content with new support for DNxHR and XAVC LongGOP files.

For more information, see File formats supported for export.

Publish to Facebook

You can now easily publish your content to Facebook and showcase your work on that platform, or promote projects as part of social media campaigns.

For more information, see Export Settings Reference.

New Time Interpolation setting

Use the new Optical Flow time interpolation setting to change the frame rate of the exported file by leveraging optical flow to interpolate the missing frames. 

The time interpolation settings are now part of a single Time Interpolation menu. In this menu, you can choose from the following settings:

  • Frame Sampling: duplicates or removes frames as needed to speed or slow your footage.
  • Frame Blending: duplicates or removes frames as needed to speed or slow your footage and blends between the frames to make it look smoother.
  • Optical Flow: duplicates or removes frames as needed to speed or slow your footage and interpolates new frames in between to achieve smoothest possible motion.

The functionality of the Frame Sampling and the Frame Blending settings is the same as in the previous release. The Optical Flow setting is new in this release.

For more information, see Export settings reference.

Improved image sequence workflows

Automate rendering for image sequences from After Effects (and other 3D apps), including new support for OpenEXR. Streamline your workflow for frame-based content and offload rendering so that you can continue working in After Effects.

Automatic Loudness correction

Ensure your video projects meet broadcast standards for Loudness with automatic adjustments applied to your renders.

For more information, see Automatic loudness correction.

MXF channelization

Ensure that you meet changing broadcast content requirements with flexible MXF channelization. Export audio channels within single or multiple tracks.

IRT compliance

Ensure that your content meets German broadcast standards with new IRT compliance.

For more information, see IRT Compliance.

New HDR to SDR conversion filter

Convert your HDR video to SDR for playback on non-HDR devices.

For more information, see Export settings reference.

Usability refinements

Increase your efficiency with the usability refinements in this release including more direct access to the Video Limiter and a new export progress indicator in the application icon on your dock.

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