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New to Adobe Target

What is Adobe Target?

Adobe Target is the Adobe Marketing Cloud solution that provides everything you need to tailor and personalize your customers' experience to maximize revenue on your web and mobile sites, apps, social media, and other digital channels. Learn more.

Basic concepts in Target

Descriptions of important concepts that you should understand before using Adobe Target.

How Target works

Each time a visitor requests a page that has been optimized for Target, a request is sent to the targeting system to determine what content to serve to a visitor. This process occurs in real-time—every time a page is loaded, a request for the content is made and fulfilled by the system. Learn more.

Administrator first steps

When you have received your official invitation to the Adobe Marketing Cloud, follow these steps.

Setting up Target

Information to help you set up Adobe Target, including preferences, implementation, user management, Scene7 settings, and host management.

Updates, Release Notes & Known Issues

Known & Resolved Issues

A full list of known issues as well as resolved issues in the current release.

Release Notes

All changes made to Target in our latest builds can be found in our release notes.

Documentation Updates

For key updates and changes for Target documentation, check this page.

Glossary of Terms

Definitions of key terms used in Adobe Target.

System status updates

Adobe Status provides real time system status reports to help you troubleshoot issues.

Community & Learning

Learn about the Target Community

Join the growing Adobe Target Community of expert users around the world. They range from people new to Target to seasoned experts.  We are there to help you from questions about capabilities through to helping with development questions. We hold regular Expert sessions with internal and external expert users and help produce articles and tutorials for you.

Join the community today for access to the best content, people and knowledge. It's open to everyone, if you have an interest in Target, then you're welcome.

Where can I get official training for Adobe Target?

All the official Adobe Target training courses are listed on our training hub here.

Can I watch Target training videos?

Yes! Our training and education team has produced a large number of free training videos. They are available here on our training hub.

Ask us questions on Twitter

The Experience Cloud community team is available to you on Twitter @AdobeExpCare.

Troubleshooting & Help

Not seeing your Target experiences?

If you aren't seeing your experiences, you probably need to delete your Target browser cookies so that you can validate your test experiences. Here is our reference guide for solving this.

Tips for troubleshooting Adobe Target

List of topics to help you resolve issues in Adobe Target, including troubleshooting topics, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and other helpful topics.

Useful variables, parameters and methods

A useful reference list of variables, profiles, parameters and methods for Adobe Target.

Character limits

A list of recommended character limits for activities in Target. Ensuring you stay within these limits will prevent major causes of performance degradation.

Contacting Adobe for help & support

If you encounter issues or have questions when using Target, you have a number of options available to you. Learn about your options.