Learn how to use the private and public file and folder sharing options available in Creative Cloud.
Preview a file and its layers (0:25); Public file-sharing and reviewing options (1:03); Private folder-sharing and versioning options (3:36)

The interface has been updated since the time this video was made, although the features for sharing files and folders remain the same.

Share private and public folders with reviewers

Synchronize files to your Creative Cloud account from your desktop or through the web. Then, share with reviewers or post your work on Behance. Reviewers can view your work in a web browser, turn on and off layers, or scroll through a multi-page document even if they do not have an Adobe ID. The Collaboration feature gives reviewers more control allowing them to view, edit, rename, move, delete, or control versioning of the contents within a folder if they have a Creative Cloud account.


Contributor: Paul Trani

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