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  • About document security

    Learn how you can create, store, and apply predefined confidentiality settings, and distribute your information safely using document security.

  • Configuring client and server options

    Learn how you can configure the various client and server options, such as server configuration settings, document security roles, and event auditing.

  • Controlling access to policy-protected documents

    See how you can view, manage and control the access to your policy-protected documents.

  • Creating and managing policies

    A policy is a set of confidentiality settings and users who can access a document to which the policy is applied. You can create and manage various types of policies using AEM forms.

  • Creating and managing policy sets

    Policy sets are used to group policies that have a common business purpose. You can create, edit and delete policies in a policy set.

  • High-volume secure information delivery

    Document security supports the association of licenses to users, rather than to the documents in mass production environments.

  • Managing invited and local user accounts

    Using document security, you can search for, view, edit, lock, unlock, and delete invited and local user accounts.

  • Monitoring events

    When the auditing capability is enabled, document security enables you to monitor certain types of events. You can easily search and sort the events list using the document security.

  • Using the document security webpages

    Learn how you can login, navigate and use the document security web pages.

  • Registering as a User

    Learn how you can use policy-protected documents that you receive from an document security user, even if you are external to the user’s organization.

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