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Adobe Sign is the industry-leading electronic signature solution to sign documents online. For the key features, see Adobe Sign services.

Form developers can create adaptive forms that integrate with Adobe Sign services and allow end users to sign the information they fill in such forms. Besides the filled information, the form attachments can also be signed.

Besides the online Adobe Sign service, form authors can provide an option for their users to scribble their signatures. These scribbled signatures are stored locally in the CRX repository.

A typical electronic signing workflow has the following four steps:

  1. User provides the sought information.
  2. User verifies the information filled in the form.
  3. User signs the document and then submits it.
  4. A summary of the submission is made available to the user.
Steps in a electronic signing workflow
Steps in a electronic signing workflow

Implementing the workflow

The implementation requires three adaptive forms components available in the Sidekick:

  • Verify
  • ESign
  • Summary


The Verify component displays the provided information to the user for a final verification before signing a form. The user can go back and modify the provided information.


Form authors can use E-Sign component in their form to provide an area for their form users to electronically sign the filled form. Form developers add and configure the component to select a signing service and specify its configuration.

When the form section for E-Sign is rendered, it displays a signable PDF version of the filled form.


The Summary component displays the summary of the submitted form. The component triggers the submit service of the form and gets the required information in the return Map. It also renders the Summary page populating the information inside the customized Summary page.

ESign scribble signature

Using the E-Sign component in your form you can provide an alternate option to electronically sign your form using scribbling, instead of using the Adobe Sign service.

Using this option requires an XDP containing scribble signing fields to be associated with an adaptive form. The component marks the signing to be complete when all the mandatory scribble fields are signed.

Scribble signing service
Scribble signing service

Scribble signature

Form authors can use Scribble signature component from the sidebar. Users can sign the form by scribbling their signatures in the HTML5 form.

Unlike Adobe Sign service, this scribble component does not provide an online service. Also, the signed document is not a PDF document.