Flash Player 12 and Adobe AIR 4

March 11th, 2014

Today we're updating Flash Player with important security updates and bug fixes.  We recommend all users upgrade to this release.

If you encounter any issues please don't hesitate to post on our community forums or to our public bug database.

Flash Player - http://forums.adobe.com/community/flashplayer

AIR - http://forums.adobe.com/community/air

Adobe Bug Database - https://bugbase.adobe.com


February 20th, 2014

Today we're updating Flash Player and AIR with important security updates and bug fixes.  We recommend all users upgrade to this release.

Please note that only the AIR runtime for Android, AIR SDK & Compiler and AIR SDK were updated.  The AIR runtimes for desktop were not updated with this release.


February 4th, 2014

In today's release we've updated Flash Player with important security updates. 


January 14th, 2014

Welcome to Flash Player 12 and AIR 4!  In today's scheduled release, we've updated both Flash Player and AIR with new and improved functionality, important bug fixes and security updates.

Today we are introducing a new numbering scheme for our product versions.  Adopting the pattern set by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, we will update the major version number with each subsequent release.  In other words, beginning with this release, Flash Player will become Flash Player 12. With each new major release, roughly every 3 months, that number will increase by one.

This change will also apply to the AIR Runtime and AIR SDK.  This release will be numbered AIR 4 and AIR SDK 4; however, with our "King" (Q2 2014) release, the version number will be synchronized with the Flash Player version at 13.

Fixed Issues

March 11th, 2014

Flash Player Bugs

  • Stability and security Fixes

February 20th, 2014

AIR Bugs

  • [3686074] [iOS] New apps and app updates submitted to the App Store must be built with the latest version of Xcode 5 from Feb1
  • [3681788] [Android] The CCJ languages characters are displayed as blank box on the TextField.
  • [3697917] [iOS] "The input line is too long." error thrown when app packaged with "-useLegacyAOT no"

Flash Player Bugs

  • [3680211] [IE11 Win7] Flash now renders correctly on a page with both WebGL and Flash content playing simultaneously
  • [3685519] [Win8] Context Menus triggered by the software keyboard's Menu key on Windows 8.x now work correctly in Modern mode
  • [3691916] [Installer] Resolved an issue where SCUP/CUPT catalog configuration was detecting Flash Player updates as available when users had the current version installed
  • [3684347] [Video] Resolves an issue injected in Flash Player 11.9.900.170 that caused Flash IP-Multicast playback issues on Internet Explorer 9 and 10 on Windows 7
  • [3689061] [Video] Resolves an issue injected in Flash Player 11.9.900.170 that caused the video buffer to no longer be filled if the buffer was emptied while playing an RTMP stream

February 4th, 2014

Flash Player Bugs

  • Security Fixes

January 14th, 2014

AIR Bugs

  • [3559420] [Win8] inconsistent freeze in performance moments after your finger(s) leave the touch screen (touch display only, not mouse)
  • [3632481] Flash App created using Flex sdk 3.3 take about 10 seconds longer on Windows 7 thank on the Windows  XP
  • [3613482] [Mac]MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN/MOUSE_UP does not be fired when is pressed
  • [3597533] [Mac] PDF doesn't render when rendermode is set to direct or gpu on Mac OS
  • [3635216][Win8] Certain MouseEvents are either not dispatched or dispatched at incorrect times.
  • [3635356] compiling in "ipa-debug-interpreter" mode results in PackageExtractionFailed
  • [3511656] [Mac]Packaging multiple SWFs fails
  • [3667964] Improve error message when app update fails due to certificate issues
  • [3682685] when switching video quality, the audio quality changes, but not the video quality

Flash Player Bugs

  • [3629735] [Chrome x64] XPS Printing produces blank documents
  • [3633845] [Win8.x] YouTube videos don't always resume when tapping inside the video in desktop IE
  • [3637507] [Win8.1 Pepper] Camera is listed twice in the setting ui panel with Chrome
  • [3638403][Mac] Extra characters render when pressing the shortcuts CMD+C, CMD+X, CMD+A, and CMD+V in Stage Web View.
  • [3638538] [Win7][IE 11 - Instaback] Video continues to play for a few seconds after navigating away from page
  • [3646580] [Win8.1] edit control does not handle IVS characters or surrogate pairs such as emoticons correctly
  • [3641030][Mac] flash.media.scanHardware() does not work on NPAPI Flash Player
  • [3649243] [Win8.x] ARM devices: YouTube controls disappear when when exiting fullscreen by invoking app bar
  • [3649329] PlayTo stops in the middle when network connection is not stable
  • [3652092][Win8.x] unable to upload multiple images in file-browse dialog
  • [3656409] some menu controls are not refreshing when clicking controls and inputting text
  • [3655274] Fullscreen (with sourceRect) doesn't work correctly in Pepper version
  • [3659511][Win8.1][IE11] drawToBitmapData fails to draw correctly when using constrain mode
  • [3659511] on some graphics cards, Stage3d works in software mode, instead of GPU
  • [3664207] Audio continues to be heard when video is fast forwarded after a rewind operation
  • [3657240] wrong value is momentarily returned after trickPlay is ended using a pause
  • [3660676] KingsRoad Stage3D performance impacted on low-end laptops running Chrome with PPAPI player
  • [3673798] white/black background displays in CC mode

New Features

  • Improved Packaging Engine - iOS - BETA

We're very excited about this new feature.  The new packaging engine we're working on can improve iOS packaging time up to 10 times over the current packager!  However this feature is still early in development and we'd like to get your feedback.  To enable this feature, please use "-useLegacyAOT no" in the ADT command, before the signing options.

  • Graphics: Buffer Usage flag for Stage3D

We've added a new enum Class called Context3DBufferUsage which defines two constants, STATIC_DRAW (default) and DYNAMIC_DRAW.  These constants specify how buffers will be used in Stage3D.  We've also added a new parameter, called "bufferUsage", to the constructors of VertexBuffer and IndexBuffer.  This "bufferUsage" parameter uses one of the constants form Context3DBufferUsage, which will allow you to select the appropriate buffer type according to your needs.

  • Mobile Workers (concurrency) - Android

Introduced as a beta feature in AIR 3.9, we've continued to improve this feature based on your feedback for its official release in AIR 4.

  • Support for native resources access by R* mechanism in native extension - Android

Currently, to use the native Android resources in the Android Native Extension one has to use getResourceID() API while typically to access the resource IDs developers use the R.* mechanism. AIR 4.0 onwards, apps developers will be able to access the resources by R.* mechanism.  All the dependencies need to be specified in platform.xml as following and all the dependencies and resources to be packaged in the ANE.

  • Stage3D Creation of Context3D with Profile Array
We've added a new interface to Stage3D.requestContext3DMatchingProfiles(profiles:Vector. ) which will create a Context3D with highest level suitable profile that is in profile array, based on the current hardware.  A developer can check the newly added property 'profile' to obtain the current profile that was chosen by the Flash Runtime.
  • Support for Android 4.4 (KitKat)

We've completed our support testing with AIR against the latest Android 4.4 release.  Please let us know if you encounter any problems.

  • Mac .pkg Installation Support

Deploying Flash Player and keeping it up to date is a critical task for system administrators worldwide.  In Flash Player 11.9 we added .pkg support for ease of deployment.  In Flash Player 12, we've incorporated feedback from system administrators to improve the workflow and UI.

  • Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 Support

Microsoft has released IE 11 on Windows 7 and we now officially support this combination in Flash Player 12


For a full list of features in Flash Player and AIR, including features introduced in previous releases, please review the document here

Released Versions

Deliverable Released Version
Flash Player Desktop (Win Internet Explorer)
Flash Player Desktop (Win Other Browsers)
Flash Player Desktop (Mac)
Flash Player Desktop (Linux)
Flash Player Enterprise 11.7 (Mac and Win) 11.7.700.272
Flash Player Desktop (Win 8)
Flash Player Desktop (Win 8.1)
Flash Player Desktop (Chrome)
AIR Desktop (Win)
AIR Desktop (Mac)
AIR Android
AIR SDK & Compiler(Win)
AIR SDK & Compiler(Mac)

Known Issues

  • AIR Badge Installs - AIR Badge Installer will not launch an installer when running Safari 7 in Safe Mode.  Users will instead see a dialog with a link to more details and workarounds on an Adobe website.
  • Adobe Connect Plug-In Install - The Connect Plug-In Express Install will no longer work on Safari 7 in Safe Mode.  Users will instead see a dialog with a link to more details on an Adobe website.
  • Flash Player Global Settings - When a users launches the Global Settings menu from the Flash Player context menu on Safari 7 in Safe Mode, the user will be taken to the classic SWF-based preferences menu on an Adobe website, instead of the native Flash Player settings UI in the MacOS Control Panel.
  • LocalConnection - When a LocalConnection is constructed from a SWF hosted in Safe Mode, it may only establish a connection with other SWFs also hosted in Safe Mode.  If a LocalConnection is constructed from a tab with Safe Mode disabled, it will not be able to communicate with a SWF in a Safe Mode tab.

Security Enhancements

Security Bulletin Impacted Deliverables
APSB14-08 Adobe Flash Player

Authoring Guidelines

Authoring for Flash Player 12

To use the new Flash Player, you will need to target SWF version 23 by passing "-swf-version=23" as an extra compiler argument to the ASC 2.0 compiler.  Detailed directions are below.

  • Download the new playerglobal.swc for Flash Player 12
  • Download and install Flash Builder 4.7 from Creative Cloud: https://creative.adobe.com/products/flash-builder
  • Backup the existing AIR SDK if you need to restore it later then replace the bundled AIR SDK with the AIR 4 SDK.  To do this, unzip the AIR 4 SDK to this location:
    • MacOS: /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4.7/eclipse/plugins/com.adobe.flash.compiler_4.7.0.348297/AIRSDK
    • Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 (64Bit)\eclipse\plugins\com.adobe.flash.compiler_4.7.0.349722\AIRSDK\
  • In Flash Builder, create a new project: File -> New -> project.
  • Open the project Properties panel (right-click and chose 'Properties'). 
  • Select ActionScriptCompiler from the list on the left.
  • Add "-swf-version=23" to the 'Additional compiler arguments' field.
    • This ensures the outputted SWF targets SWF version 23.  If you compile on the command-line and not in Flash Builder, you need to add the same compiler argument.
  • Ensure you have installed the new Flash Player 12 build in your browser.

Authoring for AIR 4 Update to the AIR 4 namespace

You must update your application descriptor file to the 4 namespace in order to access the new AIR 3.9 APIs and behavior. If your application does not require the new AIR 4 APIs and behavior, you are not required to update the namespace. However, we recommend all users start using the AIR 4 namespace even if you are not yet taking advantage of the new 4 capabilities. To update the namespace, change the xmlns attribute in your application descriptor to: <application xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/4.0">

Reporting a Bug

Found a bug? Please submit a bug to the Flash Player and Adobe AIR bug database.

Flash Player and AIR may leverage your graphics hardware to decode and play H.264 video. There may be video issues that can only be reproduced with your particular graphics hardware and driver. When reporting an issue involving video, it is essential to note your graphics hardware and driver, along with your operating system and browser (when using Flash Player), so that we can reproduce and investigate issues. Please be sure to include this information as described in Instructions for Reporting Video Playback Issues. Note: Due to the high volume of email we receive, we are unable to respond to every request.

Thank you for using Adobe® Flash Player® and AIR® and for taking the time to send us your feedback!

System Requirements

For the latest Flash Player system requirements please review the document here

For the latest AIR system requirements please review the document here 

Runtime Version(s) History

Release Date Runtime Version Security Enhancements
February 20th, 2014 Flash Player Desktop (Win & Mac)
Flash Player Desktop (Linux)
Flash Player Enterprise (Mac & Win) 11.7.700.269
AIR (SDK & Android)
February 4th, 2014 Flash Player Desktop (Win & Mac)
Flash Player Desktop (Linux)
Flash Player Enterprise (Mac & Win) 11.7.700.261
January 14th, 2014 Flash Player Desktop (Win & Mac)
Flash Player Desktop (Linux)
Flash Player Enterprise (Mac & Win) 11.7.700.260
AIR (Win, Mac, iOS, & Android)
December 10th, 2013 Flash Player Desktop (Win & Mac) 11.9.900.170
Flash Player Desktop (Linux)
Flash Player Enterprise (Mac & Win) 11.7.700.257
AIR (Win, Mac, iOS, & Android)
November 12th, 2013 Flash Player Desktop (Win & Mac) 11.9.900.152
Flash Player Desktop (Linux)
Flash Player Enterprise (Mac & Win) 11.7.700.252
AIR (Win, Mac, iOS, & Android)
October 8th, 2013 Flash Player Desktop (Win & Mac) 11.9.900.117
Flash Player Desktop (Linux)
Flash Player Enterprise 11.7 (Mac and Win)11.7.700.242
AIR Desktop (Win & Mac)
AIR Android
AIR SDK & Compiler(Win & Mac)
AIR SDK(Win & Mac)
September 19th, 2013 Flash Player Desktop (Windows ActiveX): 11.8.800.175 -
September 13th, 2013 Flash Player Desktop (Windows ActiveX): 11.8.800.174 -
September 10th, 2013 Flash Player Desktop (Win & Mac): 11.8.800.168
Flash Player Desktop (Linux):
Flash Player Android (ICS):
Flash Player Android (Pre-ICS):
Flash Player Desktop (Chrome): 11.8.800.170
Flash Player Enterprise 11.7 (Mac & Win): 11.7.700.242
AIR Runtime and SDK (All Platforms):
August 29th, 2013 AIR Runtime & SDK (Win & Mac) -
July 24th, 2013 AIR Runtime & SDK (Win)
AIR Runtime & SDK (Mac)
July 9th, 2013 Flash Player for Desktop(Win, Mac): 11.8.800.94
Flash Player for Win 8: 11.8.800.94
Flash Player for Chrome: 11.8.800.97
June 11th, 2013

Flash Player for Desktop(Mac): 117.700.225
Flash Player for Desktop(Win): 11.7.700.224
AIR Desktop(Mac):
AIR Desktop(Win):
AIR Mobile:
AIR SDK & Compiler(Mac):
AIR SDK & Compiler(Win):


May 21st, 2013 Flash Player for Desktop(Windows, Mac): 11.7.700.203
Flash Player (Chrome): 11.7.700.203
May 14th, 2013 Flash Player for Desktop(Windows, Mac): 11.7.700.202
AIR Desktop, iOS, Android:
AIR SDK & Compiler:
April 9th, 2013 Flash Player for Desktop(Windows, Mac): 11.7.700.169
Flash Player for Chrome: 11.7.700.179
AIR Desktop, iOS:
AIR Android:
AIR SDK & Compiler:
March 12th, 2013  Flash Player for Desktop(Windows, Mac): 11.6.602.280
AIR Windows, Mac, Android, iOS:
AIR SDK & Compiler:
February 26th, 2013  Flash Player for Desktop (Windows, Mac): 11.6.602.171 APSB13-08
February 12th, 2013 Flash Player for Desktop(Windows): 11.6.602.168
Flash Player for Desktop(Mac): 11.6.602.167
AIR Windows, Mac, Android, iOS:
AIR SDK & Compiler:
February 7th, 2013 Flash Player for Desktop(Windows, Mac): 11.5.502.149 APSB13-04
January 8th, 2013 Flash Player Desktop (Windows,Mac): 11.5.502.146
AIR (Windows,Mac, Mobile):
December 11th, 2012 Flash Player Desktop Windows: 11.5.502.135
Flash Player Desktop Mac: 11.5.502.136
AIR Windows, Android:
AIR Mac:
November 6th, 2012 Flash Player Desktop (Windows, Mac): 11.5.502.110
AIR (Windows, Mac, Mobile):
October 8th, 2012  Flash Player Desktop (Windows, Mac): 11.4.402.287
 AIR (Windows, Mac, Mobile):