Ready to let your creativity run wild? Learn how to use the Puppet Warp and Free Transform tools to twist and distort artwork in unique and unexpected ways.

What you learned: How to transform artwork using the Puppet Warp and Free Transform tools

The Puppet Warp tool lets you twist and distort parts of your artwork. With it, you can add, move, and rotate pins to seamlessly transform your artwork into different variations.

Adding pins with the Puppet Warp tool

  • With artwork selected, select the Puppet Warp tool in the Tools panel.
  • Click several times on the selected artwork to set a series of pins.

Warping with the Puppet Warp tool

  • Drag a pin to transform the content. The adjoining pins hold the nearby areas intact.
  • To twist the artwork, click to select a pin and then position the cursor near to, but not over, the pins. When a dashed circle appears, drag to rotate the pin and artwork.

Setting Up the Free Transform tool

  1. The Free Transform tool lets you distort artwork freely. Click the Puppet Warp tool in the Tools panel and select the Free Transform tool.
  2. Select a transform option, such as Perspective Distort, from the Free Transform widget.

Warping with the Free Transform tool

  • With the Free Transform tool selected, drag a point on the bounding box to free transform the artwork. Depending on the transform option set in the Free Transform widget, you can manipulate the artwork in different ways.


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Presenter: Brian Wood


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