Feature summary | Illustrator (September 2019 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the September 2019 release of Illustrator (version 23.1)

Enhanced way of simplifying paths

Improved, intuitive, and enriched user experience for simplifying complex paths

Faster & quicker effects

Improved performance when applying certain effects on images and objects

Reduction in file open issues

Enhanced file read mechanism to avoid and troubleshoot file issues. Clear app messaging with prime focus on issue resolution.

Stability & other improvements

Better stability performance, user experience, and enablement of smoother workflows

Optimized network file handling

Optimized file open and save operations on remote networks

Enhanced way of simplifying paths

If you have complex paths in your artwork and you find it too difficult to edit them, use the the Path Simplify feature to make your path editing easier. This feature now has an enriched and intuitive user interface.

When you use this feature (Object > Path > Simplify), a basic dialog box is displayed with essential options for simplifying a path. You can click the elipses (...) icon to view more options in the Simplify dialog box.

To know more, visit Simplify a path.

Faster & quicker effects

If you have ever wished for an improved performance when applying Illustrator effects on images and objects, you'll be pleased to know that this release brings a significant improvement in the execution of blur, drop shadow, and inner/outer glow effects. They are now much faster and quicker!

To know more about these effects, visit Work with effects.

Enhanced file handling on remote networks

If you work with files on remote networks, you will now find an improved performance while performing file open and save file operations.

Reduction in file open issues

We've improved Illustrator's file read mechanism to avoid and troubleshoot document corruption issues. In case the auto-recovery is not possible, Illustrator now shows an effective messaging that clearly states the file error(s) and troubleshooting steps for you to try.

To know more, visit Identify and troubleshoot file issues

Stability and other enhancements

We aim to provide you a stable and a better product every release.

This release brings to you an improved application performance, better stability, smoother workflows, and enriched user experience. 

To know more, visit Fixed issues.

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