Premiere Pro provides several color correction effects that to help you quickly balance color and light in your video.

The three-way color corrector lets you balance the Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights of an image using color wheels. 

Three-way color corrector
Three-way color corrector

In the Effects panel, choose Color Correction > Three-Way Color Corrector by double-clicking the effect in the Effects Panel or by dragging the effect to the clip in the Timeline.

You can make adjustments to the different ranges using the Three-Way Color Corrector in the Effects Control panel.

Output menu

The Output menu has two options, Video and Luma

Split view

The Split view provides a quick before and after comparison when you use the Three-Way Color Corrector. The Split view is collapsed by default. Select Show Split View to enable Split view.

Master color wheel

When you select this option, all the three color wheels behave as the Master color wheel. A change in one wheel is reflected in the others.

Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights color wheels

The Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights color wheels have color pickers associated with them. To set properties as numerical values, scroll down for the options. You can expand all the three options to set or view their properties.

Input Level, Output Level, and Secondary Color Correction

The Input Level and Output Level, and the Secondary Color Correction options have been moved above for better accessibility.

Secondary Color Correction

  • The option has been moved above for better accessibility.
  • The Mask option, previously present in the Output menu, is now available as Show Mask under Secondary Color Corrector.
  • The Invert menu replaces the Invert Limit Color option in Secondary Color Corrector. The available options in the menu are None, Invert Limit Color, and Invert Mask.
  • All changes made to controls under secondary color correction also apply to other effects that use secondary color correction. These effects include Luma Curve, Luma Corrector, and RGB Curve.