Learn how to add and edit titles in your Adobe Premiere Rush video project.

You can add a title to any video clip or photo in your Premiere Rush project. You can create simple text-only titles or jazzy titles with text, graphics, and animation using Motion Graphics templates. Premiere Rush lets you access a variety of Motion Graphics templates from the Titles panel.

When you add a title, Premiere Rush creates a clip with only the title. You can easily select a clip, and edit or delete the clip.

Titles panel

The Titles panel lets you choose from a large selection of built-in title styles. You can also find hundreds of title styles or Motion Graphic templates in Adobe Stock. After choosing a template, create your title by adding the text in a font of your choice. You can change the font color, size, and more. You can also tweak the graphics.

Titles panel
Titles panel

A. Choose a template B. Get a template from Adobe Stock C. Add a template D. Search for a template E. Filter templates by all, recently used, your favorites (starred), or by Creative Cloud Library folder F. Browse your templates 

Create simple titles

You can add and edit titles using the Titles panel in Premiere Rush. 

Add a title

  1. Move the playhead to the spot where you want the title to appear in your video.

  2. Click the blue + icon on the left toolbar, and select Title.

    Add a title to a selected clip
    Add a title to a selected clip

    Premiere Rush adds a default title clip to your timeline, showing you a preview of it in your Preview monitor as well.

  3. Select the title clip in the timeline and double-click the text in the Preview monitor to edit it.

    Edit the default title text
    Edit the default title text
  4. To customize the appearance of the title, click the Edit tab. You can change the font, font size, and other format and appearance controls.

    Edit the appearance of the title
    Edit the appearance of the title

    If you want additional font options, you can add fonts from Adobe Fonts. For more information, see Add fonts from Adobe Fonts.

Change title style

You can edit the text, font, size, color, and position of a title. You can also preview other title styles and change the title to a style you like better.

  1. Select the title clip in the timeline, and click the Titles icon to open the Titles panel.

  2. From the Titles panel, select a template with the style you want.

  3. To further customize the title, select Edit in the Titles panel.

  4. Select your text layer in the Preview monitor and then change the font, size, color, and other properties of your title.

Adjust the position, size, and duration of a title

  1. Select the title clip in the timeline. Then click the Preview monitor to bring up blue handles that allow you to adjust the position and size of the title. You can move it anywhere on the monitor.

    Adjust the position and size of the template
    Adjust the position and size of the template
  2. Adjust the duration of a clip by using the orange trim handles around the clip or by moving the clip around in the timeline.

    Adjust the duration of the template
    Adjust the duration of the template

Create titles using Motion Graphics templates

Motion Graphics templates are templates created by a Motion Graphics artist in Premiere Pro or After Effects. You can use these templates to create professional-looking titles, transitions, and other video elements in just a few steps.

Premiere Rush comes with a selection of built-in Motion Graphics templates for titles, which you can access from your computer. You can also browse Adobe Stock for hundreds of other options or use a shared Motion Graphics template from Creative Cloud Libraries.

Use Motion Graphics templates from Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock has hundreds of professionally designed Motion Graphics templates for titles, lower thirds, transitions, and graphics. From the Titles panel in Premiere Rush, you can browse Adobe Stock to find the template you want for your title. You can even license and customize the template from within Premiere Rush.

  1. In the Titles panel, click Adobe Stock.

    Templates from Adobe Stock
    Templates from Adobe Stock
  2. Enter your search term and press Enter.

  3. Drag the Motion Graphics template to the timeline. 

Install Motion Graphics templates

If you have Motion Graphics templates stored on your computer or in Creative Cloud Files, you need to install them from the Titles panel so you can access from within Premiere Rush.

When you install a Motion Graphics template, the template gets copied to the Local Templates folder in your installation of Premiere Rush. 

  1. To install a Motion Graphics template, click the ... icon.

  2. Select Install Template (macOS), or Import Template (Windows).

  3. Navigate to a Motion Graphics template you want to import.

    This template is available to you in the Titles panel, and you can use it in any Premiere Rush project.

Delete title clips

To delete a title clip, select the clip in the timeline and click the Delete icon on the left toolbar.