Learn about the Malaysian SST (Sales and Service Tax) applied to digital services starting in January 2020.

Adobe and Malaysia SST on Digital Services

Adobe is applying the Malaysian Sales and Service Tax (SST) on Digital Services starting in January 2020. This service tax applies to transactions by companies that supply digital services, including Adobe.

Why was I charged an SST?

Malaysia has imposed a tax on digital services, which includes software subscriptions.

How much SST do I have to pay?

The rate of the SST on Digital Services in Malaysia is 6% but is subject to change.

I have an existing plan. When do I get charged this tax?

For monthly and annual paid monthly plans, you are billed the SST starting in January 2020. If you have an existing prepaid annual plan, the SST goes into effect when your plan renews.


This change does not affect the base price of your Adobe plan.