Security Update Available for Adobe InDesign | APSB20-66
Bulletin ID Date Published Priority
October 20, 2020  


Adobe has released a security update for Adobe InDesign.  This update addresses a critical vulnerability. Successful exploitation could lead to arbitrary code execution in the context of the current user.           

Affected versions

Product Affected version Platform
Adobe InDesign 15.1.2 and earlier versions 


Adobe categorizes these updates with the following priority rating and recommends users update their software installations via the Creative Cloud desktop app updater, or by navigating to the InDesign Help menu and clicking "Updates." For more information, please reference this help page.

Product Updated version Platform Priority rating Availability
Adobe InDesign 16.0
Windows and macOS 3 Release Note  

For managed environments, IT administrators can use the Creative Cloud Packager to create deployment packages. Refer to this help page for more information.

Vulnerability Details

Vulnerability Category Vulnerability Impact Severity CVE Number
Memory Corruption 
Arbitrary Code Execution Critical CVE-2020-24421


Adobe would like to thank Kexu Wang of Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs for reporting this issue and for working with Adobe to help protect our customers.