Shockwave Player 11 now runs natively on Intel-based Macintosh computers.

Download Shockwave Player 11

To download Shockwave Player 11, please visit the Adobe Web Players page.

Intel-based Macintosh support for previous versions of Shockwave Player

Previous versions have not yet been ported to run natively on the new Intel-based Macintosh computers and currently only runs in Rosetta emulation mode. To install and use Shockwave Player previous to version 11 on an Intel-based Macintosh, you will need to run the browser in Rosetta emulation mode. Follow the instructions below to launch your browser in Rosetta emulation mode.

Launching a Browser in Rosetta Emulation Mode

Applications like both Safari and Firefox default to running in native mode on the new Intel-based Macs and therefore you must follow a few simple steps to instead have then run in Rosetta emulation mode:

  1. Quit the browser.
  2. Go to your Applications folder and control-click on the browser application bundle.
  3. In the context menu that appears select Get Info.
  4. Under the General heading of the Info dialog select "Open using Rosetta".
  5. Close the Info dialog box.

After completing the above steps the browser will now run in Rosetta emulation mode thus allowing you to install and use the Shockwave Player.

Installing the Shockwave Player

If you don't have the Shockwave Player installed, follow these steps in order to download, install and use the Shockwave Player:

  1. Relaunch your browser in Rosetta emulation mode.
  2. Go to the Shockwave Player Download Center and download the Shockwave Player installer.
  3. Quit out of the browser.
  4. Run the installer.

Note: Safari users running the browser in native mode will be redirected to this TechNote if they attempt to visit the Shockwave Player Download Center. Those users must relaunch their browser in Rosetta emulation mode in order to download Shockwave Player installers. Users of other browsers, like Firefox, can download installers while in either native or emulated mode.

Once the Shockwave Player has been installed, it is available for use in any browser running in Rosetta emulation mode.

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