This TechNote contains installers for previous versions of the free Macromedia Shockwave Player. These installers are for personal use only. They may not be redistributed. For a list of current standalone Shockwave Player installers, please see Stand-alone installers for Shockwave Player (TechNote tn_15895).
Note: Macromedia does not provide technical support for these installers.

Distributing the Shockwave Player

In order to redistribute Shockwave Player installers on your intranet or fixed media, you must first fill out the Shockwave Player distribution agreement.

Note: The uninstaller will uninstall all current and previous versions of Macromedia Shockwave Player.

Standalone installer Windows
Shockwave Player 7.03.15
Shockwave Player 8.5
Windows Shockwave Player
Mac OS X Shockwave Player 8.5.1


If you are having problems installing Shockwave Player, uninstall using the uninstaller. Once the player is uninstalled, re-install the player using the appropriate stand-alone installer. This will solve most installation issues. If you continue to have problems with the player, see the Shockwave Player Support FAQ.

Note: Users of Windows XP operating system must use the 8.5.1 Shockwave Player or higher. For more information, please see Installing the Shockwave Player on Microsoft Windows XP (TechNote tn_15924).