Release Notes for Shockwave

Fixes in Shockwave

  1. Kerning was not available in Director 11.

    Kerning is implemented for the font types supported by Director 11.
  2. There were additional spaces at the end of the line when text was justified.

    Bug is fixed. Justification of text correctly takes into account spaces at the end of the line.
  3. When the sprite width was greater than 1536 pixels, text was not rendered properly. A black

    patch appeared in the text window\text sprite in some cases.

    This issue is fixed for text sprites whose width and the height is greater than 1536 pixels.
  4. Director used to crash when the following fonts were applied to the text sprite. (Mac OSX

    • ApplySymbols
    • Papyrus
    • Papyrus condensed
    • STHeiti( Light)
    • STHeiti( Regular )
    • Heisei Kaku Gothic Pro
    • Heisei Mincho Pro
    • STFangSong
    • LiSong Pro
    • STSong
    • STKaiti

      This issue has been fixed.
  5. Certain custom icons appeared fuzzy on the projector.

    This issue has been fixed.
  6. Changes to the value for friction and restitution of rigid bodies after collision did not have any

    effect on the Physics World.

    This issue has been fixed.
  7. When force was applied to a rigid body in a Physics World, a spin was observed.

    This is because the rigid body always has an affinity towards the world axis.

    A new rigid body property, called axisAffinity, has been added. The value of the axisAffinity

    property is true by default. The affinity towards the world axis is compensated by setting the

    property to false. When you set the property to false, the spin is not observed.

    The computations are more when axisAffinity is false; set the property to false only when


    Sample code snippet

    aball = pDynamiks.createRigidBody(,,#sphere,#dynamic)


    aball.sleepThreshold = 100

    aball.friction= 1

    aball.restitution = 0

    aball.axisAffinity = false
  8. The Maintain Proportion option in the Sprites scale dialog box, and Transform bitmap dialog

    box, did not produce the required results in Director on a MAC 10.4 G5 machine.

    This issue has been fixed for both the dialog boxes.
  9. Externally linked Scripts got deleted when external files had MAC line ending characters.

    This problem occurred when a text file created on MAC with MAC line endings was imported to

    a Windows machine and saved. This issue has been fixed.
  10. On a computer running on Windows Vista, Flash and Shockwave content on the same HTML

    page were not able to communicate.
  11. The value of timestep and substep was not ignored in the Automatic time step mode while

    initializing the Physics body.

    Automatic time step is supposed to take the elapsed time for advancing the Physics World

    simulation. This was not working properly for all values of time step.
  12. Physics Xtra throws an error when the value for the timestep and substep parameters is zero

    in the Automatic time step mode.

    This is a valid value for automatic time step and no error is thrown when you specify a value of

    zero. However, zero values for timestep and substep are invalid for other modes and the error

    will be shown.
  13. Memory leak when models were cloned using cloneModelFromCastMember() and


    Models and texture files were not cleaned as intended when cloneModelFromCastMember()

    and resetworld() were used. This resulted in a small memory leak.
  14. Downloading a new version of the custom Xtra did not replace the previous version after the

    user closed the browser

    When a user plays a Shockwave movie that requires the latest version of a custom Xtra, the

    custom Xtra is downloaded to the users computer in the same location as the previous version

    of the Xtra. The new Xtra is placed in a folder named New. This happens only when a previous

    version of the custom Xtra exists on the computer.

    When the user closes the browser, the new version should replace the previous custom Xtra and

    the New folder should get deleted. This was not happening and has been fixed now.

    The new custom Xtra replaces the previous version when:
    • The user closes the browser.
    • The Shockwave player is opened in a new instance of the browser. This happens, if for some

      reason, the Shockwave player did not unload the new Custom Xtra when the user closed the


Feature Enhancements

rayCastAll method in Physics(Dynamiks xtra) takes an optional parameter for sorting the returned list.


<list> world.rayCastAll(vector origin,vector direction,[[#sorted:#distance]])


This method returns references of all the rigid bodies or terrains that are found along the ray from the

specified origin and specified direction. The method also returns the point of contact, contact normal,

and the distance from the origin of the ray.


parameter Description

Origin Required. Vector that specifies the origin of the


direction Required. Vector that specifies the direction of

the raycast.

[#sorted:#distance] Optional list. Specifies that the returned list

should be sorted on distance

Return parameter

This method returns a list containing a list having the following information:

  • Rigid body / Terrain reference
  • Contact Point
  • Contact Normal
  • Distance of the rigid body or terrain, from the origin of the ray.


  • Lingo Syntax

    lstraycast = member("PhysicsWorld").rayCastAll (vector(10,0,0),vector(0,0,1))
  • Returns an unsorted list containing the above parameters

    put lstraycast

    lstraycast = member("PhysicsWorld").rayCastAll (vector(10,0,0),vector(0,0,1),[#sorted:#distance])
  • Returns an sorted list containing the above parameters

    put lstraycast

    //JavaScript Syntax

    var lstraycast = member("PhysicsWorld").rayCastAll (vector(10,0,0),vector(0,0,1));
  • Returns an unsorted list containing the above parameters


    lstraycast = member("PhysicsWorld").rayCastAll (vector(10,0,0),vector(0,0,1),


    //Returns an sorted list containing the above parameters

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