Hung Thread after deploying AEM 6.0 Forms FP1 on WebSphere 8.5.5


After you deploy AEM 6.0 Forms FP1 on WebSphere 8.5.5, you may experience a 3mn delay in starting your Application Server instance.

If you look in the SystemOut.log, you will find warnings related to a hung thread:

WSVR0605W: Thread "WebContainer : 2" (000001a3) has been active for 715740 milliseconds and may be hung.  There is/are 1 thread(s) in total in the server that may be hung

Followed by this message:

CWNBV0005W: A validation.xml file was found for the/xxxx/xxx.ear/xxx.war module. However, that validation.xml file is not configured for validation; therefore this XML file is ignored


There is an issue with Bean Validation affecting WebSphere ApplicationServer 8.5.5 as described in PM85921:

In order to resolve this, you need to install Fix Pack 1 or 2 available from IBM:

WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 Fix Pack 1

WebSphere ApplicationServer V8.5.5 Fix Pack 2


You might also notice the same behavior on WebSphere ApplicationServer 8.0, fix included in Fix Pack 8:

WebSphere Application Server V8.0 Fix Pack 8