This article is designed to provide new users with a list of the most basic and important resources to immediately gain value with Adobe Analytics.

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Adobe Analytics First Admin Guide

This guide walks the first admin through provisioning access to Adobe Analytics and Launch.

Adobe Experience Cloud First Admin Guide

Create a Report Suite

This guide walks an Analytics admin through the report suite setup wizard.

Create a report suite

Create and configure an Analytics property in Launch

This guide walks the user through the Launch UI to get a basic Analytics extension installed.

Create and configure a property for Adobe Analytics in Launch

Deploy your Analytics implementation to dev

This guide walks the user through deploying an Analytics implementation to your dev environment.

Deploy your Analytics implementation to your dev environment

Validate implementation and push to prod

This guide walks the user through finalizing a basic implementation and pushing code to production servers.

Validate your Analytics implementation and publish to production

Helpful features of Adobe Analytics

The implementation of Launch and reporting capabilities of Analysis Workspace fulfill many reporting needs. However, there are many additional features that can be used to enhance the value you get out of Adobe Analytics.

  • Activity Map: Rank link activity using visual overlays and provide a dashboard of real-time analytics to monitor audience engagement of your web pages.
  • Classifications: Allows you to group variable values together for use in reporting.
  • Data Feeds: Raw data sent to an FTP server of your choice. Helpful for analyzing individual hits and troubleshooting data discrepancies.
  • Data Sources: Import data from external sources for use within Adobe Analytics.
  • Data Warehouse: Submit requests to parse raw data into downloadable spreadsheets
  • Marketing Channels: Create custom rules to determine the most popular channels users are entering your site from
  • Processing Rules: Supplement your implementation by adding and altering variable values. Because these rules have the potential to adversely affect data collection, a free test is required before access is granted.
  • Report Builder: A Microsoft Excel plug-in that lets you pull and update data requests directly to a spreadsheet.
  • Segmentation: Get the exact data you want by using a segment on any report. This feature allows users to focus on any subset of data they desire.

Additional Help resources

In addition to the community and social media, Customer Care is available to all organizations using Adobe Analytics. Adobe follows a support delegate model, which means that several individuals within each organization are authorized to directly converse with Customer Care. Users within each organization are supposed to work with their respective supported users, who can then involve Customer Care if the situation/question requires attention from Adobe. Support Delegates can contact Customer by email, phone, or chat. They can also create and manage incidents by navigating to Help > Customer Care in the Analytics interface.

Additional resources

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