Animate isn't supported on Mac OS 10.6

Issue: Known issues on Mac OS 10.6

Animate is not supported on Mac OS 10.6, and when used, several issues occur.
The following is a list of some known issues:

  • Image export crashes and does not function.
  • Issues with color picker and color swatches panel. The correct color is not chosen on Stage in certain cases.
  • Adobe Media Encoder is not supported on Mac OS 10.6 and hence, the new Export HD Video workflow doesn't function.
  • Issues with AIR Publishing, particularly with the Simulator and debugging workflows
  • Issues around Code Hinting
  • Some of the dependent apps such as Bridge and Exchange, which don't work on Mac OS 10.6, result in workflow issues with these applications.


Do not use Animate on Mac OS 10.6. For a list of supported platforms, see Animate Tech Specs.