Read-only error in the preferences folder

An error message is displayed when Animate is launched, and the user preferences folder does not have write access.

For correct functioning, Animate writes its application-specific files or information in user folders.  If you do not have write permissions to the folders Animate tries to write into, an error message is displayed.

Write error message

Solution: Manually set the attributes of the Preferences folder to read/write


In the folder paths or names listed in the procedures, replace the parts between brackets '<>' with the following details:

  • Replace <user> with your account name.
  • Replace <version> with the version of Animate you are using.

  1. Open a new Finder window.

  2. Hold down the Option key, click the Go menu, and then choose Library. (Library is hidden unless you hold down the Option key.)

  3. Locate and open the Application Support folder.

  4. Locate the folder that is mentioned in the error message.

  5. Click the folder, and press Command+I to Get Info.

  6. Verify that your user account is listed in the Sharing and Permissions section at the bottom of the Get Info window. Ensure that its Privilege is set to Read and Write.

  7. If your user account is not listed, follow these additional steps:

    1. Click the lock icon at the bottom of the window. 
    2. Provide your user credentials when prompted.
    3. Click the + button to add your user account.
    4. Click your user account and choose Select.
    5. Change the Privilege on your user account to Read and Write by clicking Read only, and changing it to Read and Write.
    6. Click the lock icon to save the changes.
  8. If your user account is already listed, but set to Read only, follow all the steps listed in Step 7, except steps c and d.