See how Animate handles unsupported content types when you migrate content to HTML 5 Canvas

Animate converts unsupported content types to supported defaults (or removes them with warnings) when you migrate content to HTML5 Canvas. The following table lists all such features, and the effect of migrating content to HTML5 document type.

Feature Subfeature HTML5 Canvas
Stroke Style    
  Hairline Defaults to Solid
  Dashed Defaults to Solid
  Dotted Defaults to Solid
  Ragged Defaults to Solid
  Stippled Defaults to Solid
  Hatched Defaults to Solid
Scale Mode   Defaults to Normal
  Horizontal Defaults to Normal
  Vertical Defaults to Normal
  Static  Converted to Dynamic Text
  Input  Converted to Dynamic Text
  FontEmbed  Is removed
  LetterSpacing Is removed and set to 0
  Autokern Is removed
  Anti-alias  Is removed
  Selectable  Is removed
  RenderAsHtml  Is removed
  Border  Is removed
  Superscript  Is removed
  Subscript Is removed
  Margins Is removed
  Justify Defaults to Left align
  Linetype Multiple not supported, are changed to Multiline no wrap
  TextLinkage Is removed
Component    Is removed
CompiledClip   Is removed
Video   Is removed
3D   Is removed
  Rotation Is removed
  Translation Is removed
  Tween Is removed
Radial Gradient    
  Layer  Is removed
  Darken  Is removed
  Multiply  Is removed
  Lighten  Is removed
  Screen  Is removed
  Overlay  Is removed
  Hard Light Is removed
  Subtract  Is removed
  Difference  Is removed
  Invert  Is removed
  Alpha  Is removed
  Erase  Is removed
RenderMode (ExportAsBitmap)   Is removed
RenderMode (CacheAsBitmap)    
  Opaque Defaults to Transparent
  Bevel  Is removed
  Gradient Glow Is removed
  Gradient Bevel Is removed
  Drop Shadow
  • Quality—High and medium default to Low
  • KnockOut—Is removed
  • InnerShadow—Is removed
  • Quality—High and medium default to Low
  • Knockout—Is removed
  • InnerGlow—Is removed
  Format  Only mp3 and WAV are supported
  Effect  Is removed
  Sync - Start Is removed and defaults to Event
  Sync - Stop Is removed and defaults to Event
  Stream Is removed and defaults to Event
ActionScript linkage on a symbol   AS linkages with names are retained 
  ActionScript Is commented out in Actions panel
  Mask Layers
  Guide Layers  
Imported SWFs    
9-Slice scaling   Is removed
Animation of stroke parameters