While previewing effects, you can adjust selections and the current-time indicator in the Editor panel. (The Normalize and Stretch effects are exceptions.)

Apply groups of effects in the Waveform Editor

In the Waveform Editor, the Effects Rack lets you apply groups of effects. (It doesn’t provide process effects such as Noise Reduction, which must be applied individually.)

  1. Choose Window > Effects Rack.
  2. In the numbered list, choose effects for up to 16 slots. (See Insert, bypass, reorder, or remove effects in racks.)
  3. Start playback to preview the changes, and then edit, mix, and reorder effects as needed.


    To compare processed audio to original audio, select and deselect the main Power button in the lower left corner of the rack, or the Power buttons for individual effects.

  4. To apply the changes to the audio data, click Apply.


    To store settings, save a rack preset. (See Use effect presets.)

Apply individual effects in the Waveform Editor

  1. From any submenu in the Effects menu, choose an effect.
  2. Click the Preview button , and then edit settings as needed.


    As you edit settings, watch the Levels panel to optimize amplitude.

  3. To compare original audio to processed audio, select and deselect the Power button .
  4. To apply the changes to the audio data, click Apply.

About process effects

You can identify process effects by the word process in menu commands. These processing-intensive effects are available only offline in the Waveform Editor. Unlike real-time effects, process effects can be applied only individually, so they aren’t accessible in the Effects Rack.