Creating remix in a multitrack session


In Audition CC, you can create remixes of music files from a collection. For example, you can use this option for songs that change from beginning to end, and minimize abrupt changes in a song's dynamics or tempo. You can recompose any piece of music in your collection to fit the video or project duration.

Remix uses a combination of beat detection, content analysis, and spectral source separation technology, to identify hundreds of transition points in your song. It then rearranges the passages to create a composition.

Creating a remix

  1. Insert a clip into a multitrack session or create a multitrack session.

  2. Enable the clip for remix in one of the following ways:

    • Choose Clip > Remix > Enable Remix in the menu bar.
    • Right-click the clip and choose Remix > Enable Remix.
    • Select the clip and in the Remix group of the Properties panel, click Enable Remix.
  3. Resize the clip to the target duration in one of the following ways:

    • Grab the zigzag handles at the top edge of the clip and drag them to the length you require.
    • Adjust the duration in Target Duration in the Remix group.
    Target Duration
  4. Expand the Advanced section in the Properties panel to adjust the remix. The available options are:

    1. Stretch to exact duration: This option enables time-stretch on the remixed clip and adjusts it so that it precisely matches the target duration.

    2. Edit Length:

      1. Short: Short results in shorter segments, but in more transitions.  This option is suited for songs that changes from beginning to end to minimize abrupt changes in dynamics or tempo.

      2. Long: Long looks for the longest passages and smallest number of segments to minimize transitions.

    3. Features:

      1. Timbre: Timbre emphasizes tonal qualities in identifying transition points.

      2. Harmonic: Harmonic emphasizes melodic and harmonic components in transition points.

    4. Minimum Loop: Set the minimum acceptable length, in beats, to use in a segment.

    5. Maximum Slack: Set the maximum difference in duration from your target duration.

    Remix Adjustment
  5. To disable remix and restore the clip to its original version, choose Clip > Remix > Revert Remix.