Manual Pitch Correction effect (Waveform Editor only)

The Manual Pitch Correction effect lets you visually adjust pitch with the Spectral Pitch Display. The Spectral Pitch Display shows the fundamental pitch as a bright blue line, and overtones in yellow to red hues. Corrected pitch appears as a bright green line.


You can visually monitor pitch at any time, without using the Manual Pitch Correction effect. Simply click the Spectral Pitch Display icon in the options bar. To customize resolution, decibel range, and gridlines, adjust Pitch Display settings in the Spectral Displays preferences.

  1. Choose Effects > Time and Pitch > Manual Pitch Correction.

  2. In the Manual Pitch Correction window, set the following options:

    Reference Channel

    Choose a source channel in which pitch changes are most clear. The effect analyzes only the channel you choose, but applies the pitch correction equally to all channels.

    Spline Curves

    Create smoother transitions when using envelope keyframes to apply different pitch correction over time.

    Pitch Curve Resolution

    Sets the Fast Fourier Transform size of each piece of data that the effect processes. In general, use smaller values for correcting higher frequencies. For voices, a setting of 2048 or 4096 sounds most natural, and a setting of 1024 creates robotic effects.

  3. In the Editor panel, do either of the following:

    • To change pitch uniformly, drag the Adjust Pitch knob in the heads-up display.
    • To change pitch over time, add keyframes to the yellow envelope line in the center of the waveform display.


    To zoom in on specific pitch ranges, right-click and drag in the vertical ruler to the right of the Spectral Pitch Display. To reset the zoom level or customize the displayed scale, right-click the ruler and select options from the pop-up menu.