Stretching clips in a multitrack session using Audition
  1. Choose Clip > Stretch > Enable Global Clip Stretching.

  2. In the Editor panel, drag the white triangles in the upper right or left corner of clips.


    Select multiple clips to stretch them proportionately.

To customize stretch settings for selected clips, adjust the following Stretch options in the Properties panel:


Choose from the following:

  • Off disables stretching, reverting the clip to its original length.
  • Realtime lets you hear the results of stretching as you drag clips. This mode is a good choice during the editing process.
  • Rendered (High Quality) requires longer processing but can avoid audible artifacts. Choose this mode if you encounter slow playback or performance with Realtime mode.


Choose from the following:

  • Monophonic is best for solo musical instruments or dialogue.
  • Polyphonic is best for music with multiple instruments or complex ambient sounds.
  • Varispeed changes pitch in addition to duration, similar to slowing down or speeding up analog tape machines.


To quickly apply the same mode to all clips, choose Clip > Stretch > Realtime All Stretched Clips or Render All Stretched Clips.

Duration, Stretch, and Pitch

Provide numeric entries for more precise adjustments than dragging clips in the Editor panel allows.

Advanced settings

Set the following:

  • Transient Sensitivity (available in Polyphonic mode) Sets sensitivity to transients such as drum hits and note beginnings, which are used as anchor points for stretching. Increase if transients sound unnatural.
  • Window Size Sets the size, in milliseconds, of each chunk of processed audio. Adjust only if echo or flanging artifacts occur.
  • Precision settings (available in Rendered mode) determine the tradeoff between quality and processing speed.
  • Preserve Formants (available when Rendered and Monophonic are selected) adjusts the timbre of instruments and voices, maintaining realism during pitch shifts.


To make high voices sound low, or vice versa, select Preserve Formants and dramatically shift pitch.