Notch Filter effect

The Filter and EQ > Notch Filter effect removes up to six user‑defined frequency bands. Use this effect to remove very narrow frequency bands, such as a 60 Hz hum, while leaving all surrounding frequencies untouched.


To remove shrill “ess” sounds, use the Sibilance Softener preset. Or use DTMF presets to remove standard tones for analog telephone systems.


Specifies the center frequency for each notch.


Specifies the amplitude for each notch.

Notch width

Determines frequency range for all notches. The three options range from Narrow for a second order filter, which removes some adjacent frequencies, to Super Narrow for a sixth order filter, which is very specific.


Generally, use no more than 30 dB of attenuation for a Narrow setting, 60 dB for Very Narrow, and 90 dB for Super Narrow. Greater attenuation can remove a wide range of neighboring frequencies.


Virtually eliminates noise and artifacts, but requires more processing. This option is audible only on high-end headphones and monitoring systems.

Fix Attenuations To

Determines if notches have equal or individual attenuation levels.