DynamoDB functions
Function Description
BatchGetItem Returns the attributes from one or more items from a table or tables.
BatchWriteItem Inserts or removes one or more items into one or multiple tables.
CreateBackup Creates a backup of an existing table.
CreateGlobalTable Creates a global table from an already created table.
CreateTable Creates a table in a region.
DeleteBackup Deletes an existing backup of a table.
DeleteItem Deletes an item in a table.
DeleteTable Delete a table and all its contents.
DescribeBackup Describes backup details of a table.
DescribeContinuousBackups Checks the status of continuous backups and point in time recovery on a table. 
DescribeEndpoints Returns the region-specific endpoint.
DescribeGlobalTable Returns information about a global table, already created.
DescribeGlobalTableSettings Displays region-specific settings for a global table, already created.
DescribeLimits Returns the existing provisioned-capacity limits for your AWS account in a region

Returns the following information about a table:

  • Attributes
  • Date of creation
  • Global Secondary Indexes
  • ...and more
DescribeTimeToLive Returns the status of the Time to Live (TTL) of a specified table.
GetItem Retrieves a set of attributes for an already inserted item with the specified primary key.
ListBackups Lists all backups of a table that were created in your AWS account.
ListGlobalTables Lists all global tables with replicas in a region.
ListTables Returns an array of tables associated with your AWS account.
ListTagsOfResource Lists all tags on an Amazon DynamoDB resource. 
PutItem Creates an item, or replaces an old item with a new item.
Query Searches for items based on the values of the primary key values. 
RestoreTableFromBackup Creates a backup from a table, which was previously created.
RestoreTableToPointInTime Restores a table to a specified point in time within two date-time objects.
Scan Returns item and item attributes by iterating every item in a table or a secondary index.
TagResource Adds tags to a DynamoDB resource.
TransactGetItems Retrieves one oe more items from one or more tables in a single account and region.
TransactWriteItems Asynchronously writes up to 25 action requests in a group.
UntagResource Removes tags from a resource.
UpdateContinuousBackups Enables or disables the point in time recovery for a specified table.
UpdateGlobalTable Adds or removes replicas in a specified global table, previously created.
UpdateGlobalTableSettings Updates settings for a global table, already created.
UpdateItem Makes changes to an existing item's attributes, or adds a new item to the table
UpdateTable Updates the provisioned throughput settings, global secondary indexes, or DynamoDB Streams settings for a specified table.
UpdateTimeToLive Enables or disables Time to Live (TTL) for a specified table.