Bugs fixed in ColdFusion 11 Update 11
Bugs fixed in ColdFusion 11 Update 11
Bug ID Title Product area
3810459 In ColdFusion Administrator, there is an error message when you change a setting or verify DSNs. Administrator
3948798 When adding additional users to ColdFusion Administrator (with full admin access), you encounter an error message when trying to access the Settings Summary page. Administrator
4071326 When editing system probes for the first time, you see an error message when the probe runs. Administrator
4103616 In ColdFusion Administrator, you are unable to select multiple messages. Administrator
4106021 ColdFusion Administrator still mentions iprestriction.properties. Administrator
4114686 The Updates page in ColdFusion Administrator throws an exception when session variables are disabled. Administrator
4115249 After changing the Metrics Frequency to a value other than 60 and restarting ColdFusion Administrator, the value of Metrics Frequency reverts to 60. Administrator
4116141 The Secure Profile page should have the label Allow instead of Disable for the allowed SQL settings. Administrator
4116747 When setting the client variable purge time to more than 596 hours, the server interprets that as zero hours. Administrator
4126408 After disabling application variables and restarting ColdFusion Administrator, there is an error message. Administrator
4141881 Mail server connection verification fails. Administrator
4164357 Error invoking CFC /CFIDE/administrator/mail/undeliveredmail.cfc. Administrator
3037144 An empty input in cfinput causes cflayoutarea to duplicate itself. AJAX
3853569 CFContent tag works differently in ColdFusion 11. AJAX
3914318  ColdFusion.Layout functions fail from ajaxOnLoad(). AJAX
3967336 Incorrect path causes errors when /CFIDE/scripts/ path is changed in ColdFusion Administrator.
4003807 ColdFusion.Window.Create results in missing vertical scrollbars. AJAX
4078000 cfwindow headerstyle does not work. AJAX
3369530 Frequent key collisions on cached queries results in incorrect (cached) result-set. Caching
3946143 Cache already exists error. Caching
4074050 When internal memory is used, caching fails after certain limit of number of cached objects is reached. Caching
4131909 Clear Query Cache works incorrectly. Caching
3963559 this.timeout in Application.cfc does not properly set the request timeout. CFComponent
4055832 Integer and Float validation passes input commas. CFForm
4170204 'serverSideFormValidation = false' stops validation errors, but does not stop omission of fieldnames. CFForm
4176858 ColdFusion incorrectly inserts scripts above the DOCTYPE tag. CFForm
4188119 When a <cfform> tag is used, it places a number of <InvalidTag> and <link> tags immediately after the <head> tag in the displayed HTML page. CFForm
4077066 The function imageMakeColorTransparent() does not accept "r,g,b". CFIMAGE
4077069 The function imageMakeColorTransparent() does not accept an array of "r,g,b". CFIMAGE
4095231 Null Pointer Exception occurs shortly after application start when using cfimage action=captcha. CFIMAGE
4096238 imageGetIPTCMetadata() does not return metadata. CFIMAGE
4102192 CFIMAGE throws an exception when filenames/source contains space. CFIMAGE
4136756 CFCHART within custom tag within function causes null pointer exception. Charting/Graphing
4176625 All webpages including admin screen throw monitoring service error. ColdFusion Services
3780066 Specifying the server="" attribute within cfobject crashes and restarts the ColdFusion server x64 (server="remote" does not work with 64-bit ColdFusion). COM/DCOM
4099820 WeakHashMap in coldfusion.runtime.java.ReflectionCache.java in cfusion.jar is not thread safe and can cause infinite loops. Core Runtime
4163793 Missing Template not being honoured on WildFly 8. Core Runtime
4173657 setDomainCookies causes NullPointerException on domain change. Core Runtime
3998005 CFQuery's recordCount is not always accurate for SQL Server datasources. Database
4121934 Iincorrect casting and casing in Query of Queries. Database
4110576 CFDUMP and writeDump() fails when hiding struct elements via "hide" attribute/argument. Debugging
4195386 Coldfusion builder debugger works unexpectedly after applying ColdFusion (2016 release) update 3. Debugging
3846442 There is inconsistency in the naming of page number variables in cfdocumentitem. Document Management
3931678 <cfhtmltopdfitem evalatprint="true|false"> throws an exception under some circumstances. Document Management
3963656 spreadsheetWrite autosizes only on the active sheet. Document Management
4042548 Need support for protecting a sheet of .xlsx files. Document Management
4051606 Need appropriate error message when passing wrong data to spreadsheet.addRows(). Document Management
4060761 <cfhtmltopdf> generates metadata title as temp file path. Document Management
4075206 There are timeout issues with CFHTMLTOPDF. Document Management
4088687 <img src=""> throws cfdocument timeout. Document Management
4120116 Thread attribute variables unusable in cfhtmltopdf/cfdocument header/footer. Document Management
4125142 CFHTMLTOPDF fails when more than one attribute sent in URL eg "........cfm?job=12345&sys=P". Document Management
4139060 SpreadsheetAddRow applies unfamiliar time format to time values added to a spreadsheet. Document Management
4142993 cfhtmltopdf fails to write if filename contains special characters. Document Management
4152515 cfspreadsheet throws Array Index Out Of Bounds Exception if quoted CSV value does not contain comma. Document Management
4165319 cfspreadsheet on read alters cell data by auto-trimming the data. Document Management
4168921 CFPDF read/getInfo does not show custom properties properly. Document Management
3925916  cfspreadsheet tag is unable to write to the Virtual File System by using "ram://". File Management
4108519 Trying to load an ORM enabled entity with relations into a flex client results in error. Flex/Flash
4134089 Messaging does not work after applying Update 17. Flex/Flash
4036452 In some cases, URLDecode() removes certain characters. General Server
4197990 After changing server's logs directory to a new path, the logs do not get recorded in the new path as specified in the Administrator settings. General Server
4097008 CGI.HTTP_URL returns [empty string] on IIS when default doc is omitted. Installation/Config
4110224 Using datasource.cfc (in the admin api) to create a data source throws an error message. Installation/Config
3774074 Mixed-in functions cannot access SUPER "scope" on first call to a function. Language
3954490 Error handling implicit array in combination with ternary operator in <cfloop array="...">. Language
4021994 ColdFusion masks correct exception when exception is thrown from within an iteration method using a function expression. Language
4031746 In ColdFusion 10, ARGUMENTS scope takes the precedence over the LOCAL scope. Language
4043038 Cookies assigned with a NULL value are not recognized. Language
4064602 getSafeHtml() input string length is limited to 5000 chars. Language
4104246 isObject(image), isObject(spreadsheet), and isObject(file) return YES. Language
4113069 DateTimeFormat does not honor escape characters. Language
4117325 duplicate(query) breaks query.getResult(). Language
4118895 attributecollection is broken for all tags inside a loop. Language
4119653 Setting non-scoped variable in a udf in ColdFusion (2016 release) behaves differently from ColdFusion 11. Language
4129246 ParseDateTime() ignores DST and converts time to standard time. Language
4129321 Array member functions broken for results of getMetaData(this). Language
4164200 replaceList/replaceListNoCase delimiters work unexpectedly in case of a subset of a regex. Language
4167883 Introduce queryGetResult() function for the corresponding member function, query.getResult(). Language
4168114 cfscript cfmodule runs start tag / end tag when no {} after it. Language
4179264 isPDFObject returns varied results depending on whether the PDF was read from a file or generated in memory. Language
4137968 Using more than one <cfclient></cfclient> block does not work. Mobile Support
3935795 cfhttp fails to honor http.nonProxyHosts system property. Net Protocols
3988461 CFHTTP strips out certain file properties on .docx files. Net Protocols
4016861 cfpop fails to receive embedded email attachments forwarded from Apple Mail iOS clients. Net Protocols
4090508 cfhttp concatenates query strings w/ ?. Net Protocols
4126653 error "javax.mail.MessagingException: Unable to load BODYSTRUCTURE" when using CFIMAP. Net Protocols
4149198 Body ignored in HTTP PUT/PATCH (and DELETE). Net Protocols
4152543 cfhttp throws "Incorrect number of columns in row" if quoted CSV value contains newline. Net Protocols
4166939 cfmail - attachments do not appear in Apple IOS Mail App when cfmailparam has both inline and attachment content. Net Protocols
4172645 Using hyphens in cfftp connection name causes unexpected results. Net Protocols
4173670 deserializeJSON() invokes java.lang.System.getProperty(), which is slow with sandbox security enabled. Performance
3194042 Inconsistent use of underscores in cfschedule's result fields and attribute values. Scheduler
4160212 Coldfusion 11 contains an outdated version of Antisamy library. Security
4160218 GetSafeHTML crashes on invalid XML (antisamy, nekohtml). Security
4136028 serializeJSON() does not escape control characters. Serialization
4158658 Deserialization of WDDX'd timestamp query columns does not work in ColdFusion 11 and above. Serialization
4158660 Incorrect deserialization of WDDX'd bit column. Serialization
3785874 CategoryTree does not work in ColdFusion 10. Text Search
4076735 cfsearch with contextpassages throws a null pointer error when a large number of results are returned. Text Search
4165678 Sequential cfindex operations may report a wrong status. Text Search
4185061 cfsearch type is case-sensitive. Text Search
4053567 The expandPath function returns ColdFusion bin directory. Web Container (Tomcat)
3919057 XML Webservices does not work in ColdFusion 10. Web Services
4154216 Websocket frame size error in Google Chrome and IE. Web Socket
4181270 Websockets are locking up threads in an infinite loop. Web Socket