ColdFusion API Manager 2016 Update 1
ColdFusion API Manager 2016 Update 1 (Publish date: June 8, 2017)

What's new in this update

JavaScript connector support

You can write JavaScript to connect to any database and authenticate users, fetch users, and perform other tasks.

For more information, see JavaScript connector.

Token-based authentication support

In this update, we have added token-based authentication support for Portal and Administrator API's.

  • A token is passed with the username and password in JSON. This results in the same response as the login call, except there is an additional field in the response JSON called token. No cookies are sent as part of the response. For example, http(s)://<IP>:<Port>/amp/portal/login/token (For login to admin, change to /admin instead of /portal). The request is of POST type with the username and password in body as JSON format.
  • Log out to revoke the token acquired during the API call. For example, http(s)://<IP><Port>/amp/portal/login/token/revoke?token=<Token that you’ve received from the 1st step>. (For login to admin, change to /admin instead of /portal)
  • The token is always passed to the API in Authorization Header value as Bearer <Token>. For example, Authorization: Bearer <Token>

Swagger import options

There are two new ways of importing REST resources based on Swagger specifications. They are:

  1. Using the specification text
  2. Importing the specification from any location

For more information, see Importing REST API from Swagger.

API request and response logging

Log all requests and responses made by your API to a file apimanager-trace.log located in /ColdFusion_2016_install_directory/logs.

For more information, see Request and response logging.

Other enhancements

Bugs fixed

For a list of bugs fixed in this release, see Bugs fixed.

Known issues

For a list of known issues in this release, see Known issues.


You can install the update in one of the following ways:

Method 1: From the Administrator portal

  1. In the Administrator portal, click Updates in the left panel, and click the Settings tab.

  2. In the Update URL field, verify that the url is,, as shown below:

    Update URL
  3. Click Submit.

  4. In the Available Updates tab, click Check Updates to see a list of updates to API Manager.

  5. Click the update and follow the on-screen instructions.

Method 2: Manual installation

Download the update jar from the location, and enter java -jar hotfix-001-302960.jar in the command prompt. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Checksum: 258618641dfa1e6f1a23101ac04bbc38


After installation, verify that the pre-release build number is Adobe ColdFusion API Manager 2016 Update 1 build 302960 in the Installed Updates tab.