Exit code 30 and exit code 31 "low disk space" errors
Learn how to fix exit codes 30 and 31 that might occur when you install Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Photoshop Elements, or Creative Cloud or Creative Suite applications.

"Low disk space" installation errors

When installing an application, you see one or both of the following errors in your installation log file:

  • Exit Code: 30 – Installation done with errors due to low disk space
  • Exit Code: 31 – Installation failed due to low disk space.

Solution 1: Free up hard disk space

Increase the amount of free hard drive space so there's enough room to install your app. Then install the app again.


To find out how much space you need, see the system requirements for your app.  

Solution 2: Create a local admin user account

Create a new local user account with administrator privileges, and log in using that account. Then install your app again.

Windows 8

Windows 7